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Interview with Chef Osama El Sayed

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

though i wasn’t prepared for an interview, i met with chef osama elsayed yesterday and asked him a few questions - my first question was more of a statement, but when i introduced myself as a blogger, chef osama got excited and jumped to my last question telling me to write-down his website address and check the blog page where he posts stories - he also invited me to share this one there, which i will definitely do.

so i started with my last question first:

965malls: how is the food industry evolving with the new social media channels?

chef osama: a perfect example is what we're doing with brown multiquick cordless blender - last year we launched this product in dubai by inviting bloggers to participate in a similar competition - the scoring process not only encompassed speed, cleanliness, taste and presentation, but most importantly it covered tweeting while cooking as an integral part of the final results! a nice integration of media, product and food.

965malls: well i was planning to start my interview with this statement.. you seemed quite surprised today as you walked in the chef boutique..

chef osama: quite honestly i never expected this and to be frank with you this is my first surprise birthday party ever!

965malls: are you married?

chef osama: married with 2 kids, adam finishing his masters & omer

965malls: too bad you're here on your birthday and not with your family...

chef osama: you know they have to buy me gifts so here i am working :)

965malls: what is your favorite kuwaiti dish?

chef osama: i am proud of the dishes kuwaitis are proud of - yesterday we had moutabbak zubedi, machbous dajaj and teshriba over dinner and whenever i am with kuwaitis i like to enjoy what they enjoy - when i come to kuwait and people ask me what i would like to eat, i reply by asking them what do they want me to eat? i like to enjoy what they enjoy, learn something new, then write about it or talk about it in my show - at the end of the day i consider myself as a link between different cultures, i want to take what kuwait has to offer and show it to people in morocco, egypt etc...

965malls: thank you so much chef osama, it was a pleasure.

chef osama: thank you and please do not forget to share the link on my website and stay in touch.

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