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Shopaholic Captain?

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

i read this funny story about this senior kuwait airways captain who delayed flight 176 heading to kuwait from frankfurt because he was shopping with his family at the duty-free! senior captain was called by the airline's officials several times but he ignored them and caused the flight 20 minutes delay!

the captain was furious with his shopaholic senior captain, but it seems that the latter has big wasta and enjoys an "untouchable" status! i can't believe how some people are seriously irresponsible & careless! i mean you can expect such a behavior from passengers but not from a senior captain at the national carrier...

meanwhile kuwait airways saga continues to flourish and nourish our blog!

Double jeopardy!

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

there's so much going on with kuwait airways i decided to create a new category called kuwait airways saga, similar to wataniya airways' saga - but this one will sure live longer...

the latest is an article i read yesterday in alqabas involving the airline's building in kuwait city alhilali street, which is running the danger of collapse! it seems that the authorities have warned the airline of the risks they're facing by staying in that building and asked them to evacuate, but kuwait airways is simply not listening!

the municipality was asked to take action and demolish the building, but no news on what's next! so basically, it's not only dangerous to fly the national carrier, but visiting their premises might be as risky! what an adventure at every single touch point with the airline!

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Kuwait Airways being sued?

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

it seems that kuwait airways is being sued by lawyer hawraa alhabib, who basically is asking the court to forbid the national airline from flying as it is putting he lives of kuwatis at risk - way to go hawraa, i guess this is a bold step in the right direction, people are fed up and we need to clone you and have hundreds and thousands of kuwaitis taking the same action towards their airline.

on the other hand, i spotted this interesting chart in alqabas, an inventory of kuwait airways fleet and their current average age, really pathetic, compared to emirates' 6 years average fleet age!

Chilled Kuwait Airways news!

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

whilst the airline is a wreck, the airplanes are on the brink of extinction and the government has no clue what to do with its national carrier, only kuwait airways’ cabin crew seem to know how to enjoy life to the max! how? by partying with men in maseelah, getting drunk and arrested on the way back!

man those ladies have balls!! working for the airline they must be fully aware that alcohol is strictly prohibited in kuwait, but they partied in spite! i don't know what happened to them, but if they ever get deported they'll be traveling as passengers for a change!

you can read the story on arabtimes here.

It seems that walking into a disaster is now only a question of time…

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

this is how we actually ended our march 28 post entitled "the cherry on top" where we saluted a group of air controllers planning to raise a complaint to the head of civil aviation for cause of safety neglect - remember the blind radar that was brought to the airport? it seems that a couple of days ago, that radar lost a kuwait airways plane going to india (flight 331) after it returned for an emergency landing, the 220 passengers aboard the plane were at great risk of loosing their lives but suddenly the radar worked again and the day was saved at the last possible moment!

5 firefighting divisions awaited at the airport, thank god a disaster was avoided - the plane could have been a jazeera airways, a british airways or any other airways for that matter! you could have been on that plane, we could have been aboard... what are the authorities waiting for? seriously???

Who’s gonna wipe-out this mess?

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

a friend traveled with kuwait airways a few days ago and came back with a strange gift, the above picture - this is really shameful! these wet napkins are distributed on the national airline and such a mistake is deadly, especially when the line refers to the state of kuwait.

a product's country of origin refers to quality assurance, it reflects value, excellence and trust - what kind of image is this projecting on the airline and most importantly on the state of kuwait? this is really sad, these napkins should be removed immediately and the stock destroyed (if they're still on board), moreover, the people who approved this should be held responsible for such a disaster.

thanks for the picture nader.

Kuwait Airways to be privatised. What about Wataniya Airways?

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

it seems that kuwait airways is well on its way to be privatised, or at least 35% of it for a total tag price of kd 225 million – the airline has been suffering from governmental neglect for years so this may be the way to bring it back to what it once was – the deadline for submitting proposals is august 25th, the big question is, will wataniya airways be involved in one way or the other?

there were always rumors of wataniya's colossal interest in kuwait airways, if the group buys the 35% stake then the mastery of ceasing wataniya's operations will be solved! let's wait and see...

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