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Cute animated menus at Burger King

Monday, October 21st, 2013

i was at the marina mall the other day so i passed by burger king to grab a sandwich - what drew my attention was the cute animated menus that they have recently installed, the smoke coming out from the apple pie makes it so real and appetizing, so is the fire behind the burger, but the cutest was the animated toys for the kids meal, it really entertains you while you wait for your order.

not sure if with time this animation will drive me crazy - i guess they need to keep refreshing it so it doesn't make me dizzy or even puke! way to go for now :)

Awtar out Kababji in

Monday, October 7th, 2013


awtar has left marina mall for good, not sure for which reason - though we never tried awtar, the restaurant had a very good reputation and a lot of people loved it .

kababji seems to be taking over the place, despite the fact that it already has a food court presence - as far as we're concerned, the more the merrier :) we're very happy as we all love kababji.

good luck!

Alnowair does it again!

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Al Nowair Wall

Al Nowair Wall-2

back in march, alnowair was launched in an awesome creative & fresh way - alnowair's objective is to bring positivity back to kuwait, and it seems that the spreading is carrying on beautifully, this time with a new theme, i thank.

i thank is a simple, yet brilliant idea, it simply asks people to write what they are thankful for on a post it and stick it on a wall - this is going on in marina mall, so if you happen to be there just pass by the bridge and leave some positivity trails behind :)

great job alnowair and marina mall - it's great to see positivity spreading in malls as lately stabbings and killings made the boldest headlines, spreading fear and anxiety.

NY Fries out, Mr. Greek in

Thursday, July 4th, 2013


mr. greek is replacing new york fries at marina mall's food court - mr. greek is a canadian franchise with over 20 mediterranean food restaurants and express outlets offering fresh, generous greek food like souvlaki, various pita sandwiches and greek salads.

not sure if they will be serving burgers, i saw on their menu a delicious hercules burger which i'm looking forward to try - all the best to mr. greek and hope it finds success.

More on the One..

Monday, May 20th, 2013


during our tour at the one yesterday, we spotted a large number of awesome items - there is no way we could share everything, however we picked 3 different items that we loved - the first is this 135 kd colossal scissor made of wood, not sure what to do with this but i guess it helps slicing up big egos!


the second item is this cute welcome rug - we find it really funny and engaging - not sure who would actually use it here in kuwait, but we love it! if my memory serves me well the price of this rug was 7 or 7.5 kd.


the last item is this desk frame, you can gift it to your wise friends, excuse the pun :) not sure though what the price was, i totally forgot.

Wonderful initiative at The One

Sunday, May 19th, 2013



i was at the one yesterday and spotted this wonderful corporate social responsibility program called "help palestinian women help themselves" - basically, the one has been working with qalandia camp women's handicraft cooperation, a non-profit, non-governmental organization that aims to raise the social cultural, health and economic standards of women and children in palestine - what you see above is hand embroidered wrist wraps that serve as a symbol of the hope that comes from the preservation of palestinian heritage and the one is helping in selling them in their stores at a price of kd 9.950.



as for the second set of items within this initiative, it consists of these beautiful cushion covers, each is a result of 2 months of work and sold at kd 84.950 - though these cushions might seem a bit expensive, when it comes to CSR programs people don't mind the price as it supports a good cause - way to go the one, this is really a wonderful initiative supported with beautiful products.

New Starbucks Marina, not a reserve

Thursday, May 16th, 2013


for some reason we were under the impression that the new starbucks store at marina mall will be another reserve, but it isn't - nevertheless, the new place is lovely, neat, fresh and very inviting - not your regular starbucks, this is now an upscale coffee shop with a whole new experience.

every detail in the store is new, if you look at the floor tiles you quickly realize the change, the self-serve condiment counter had a drastic make-over with a simple flat serving area - everything seems to be simpler, the food has a simpler display, much neater - the signs are now graffiti style, and the green lighting and interior highlights are noticeable.

the exposed painted duct ceiling has unfortunately disappeared, too bad i loved that style - the new ceiling is nothing special, however the new store design smells coffee heritage all over, using arabic artifacts, coffee grinders and pots - i loved the wall design in the back, a carved map of kuwait infused with small motif espresso cups, it looks awesome!

too bad i missed the jazz band, but i had a busy night - best of luck to starbucks with the new store, it's definitely a winner.

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What’s new at Marina Mall?

Thursday, April 18th, 2013


game over! gamewizz finally gave up and closed down permanently - we have no clue why, we can only assume that slow business is behind the closure - april 1st was the d-day for gmewizz, however, and according to the guys at x-cite, the owners might be turning this into a new concept.


on the other hand, snog has deserted the corner under second cup and with gamewizz closure this entire area has gone dead! wonder who's gonna fill in the space, but marina mall is quite active in this area, if they can populate the ceilings with promotional booths they won't even hesitate!

Going back for more!

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013


i passed by marina mall to pick up my suit and since i was starving, i passed by kababji to grab a sandwich - while at the cashier, i spotted a new poster promoting grilled chicken so i decided to give it a try - i ordered half a chicken and grilled chicken wings as i was not sure of the portions.

the chicken was more like a baby chicken so that was a bit small for me, however the wings were awesome especially with the garlic dip - too bad the pack doesn't come with pickles, i had to get a side order but i am definitely going back for more!

way to go kababji!

Will this be another Starbucks Reserve?

Sunday, March 31st, 2013


back in november, we were invited to the opening of starbucks reserve at the avenues phase 3 - during the event, we heard that the next reserve might be at marina mall, the center dome.

a few days ago, we noticed that starbucks marina has closed down for renovation, so our guess is the new shop will be a reserve concept - will it be a replica of the avenues' reserve or a totally new one? we believe it will be something totally new, but we have no clue hat it might be so let's wait and see..

Meet Marina Mall’s Harlem Shake

Monday, February 25th, 2013

for those who have been following the harlem shake craze, here's one from kuwait and specifically from the first mall to do this, marina mall - it's not that crazy, but way to go marina mall for doing this, be it your initiative or a simple endorsement.

Meet Paul’s awesome pommes neufs!

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013


one of the best fries in town are paul's, if you like thick, real thick fried potatoes, a bit crunchy, paul is the place to be - you won't find these on the menu, they are usually served with steak, but i have asked the chef to serve them as a side dish and he accepted, now it has become my signature order every time i go to marina mall - the fries are called "pommes neufs", in english it translates to "new fries".

if you happen to pass by paul order "pommes neuf", they are awesome - side dish is sold at 1.1 kd.

update: my wife just told me that these should be called "pommes pont neuf" that translates into "new bridge fries" as this were they were first sold in france, at pont neuf, so if someone is listening at paul's, please fix the name on your bills as they say "pommes neufs" instead of "pommes pont neuf".