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Bafta’s shortlist VS The Golden Globes

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

you look at the golden globes and you say: really?! this film is nominated?! i mean it certainly is ridiculous to see films such as being warhorse, moneyball, the ides of march... nominated - one reason might be that the best films of this year are british (as usual)...

to save the irony of such selection, i guess the best decision was to get ricky gervais to present it - i'd invite to have a look at this short edit, regarding the british award selection for this year, and it certainly is the RIGHT selection! you can also check the rest of the golden globe selection on

as usual, the oscars are coming soon, with a selection as shitty as the golden globes :-) because this is usually what happens - will it change this year?

The most anticipated 2012 movies, and what’s hot now

Friday, January 13th, 2012

it seems, we're going to have a loaded year with films from the best of the best directors - so may it be happy indeed! and when i say best of the best, i mean the non-mainstream directors or those who struggle in hollywood such as: michel gondry, baz luhrmann, david cronenberg, leo carax, francois ozon, wachowski's brothers (actually brother and sister as one of them decided to change his sex and is now called lana), tom tykwer (run lola run), nicolas winding refn (drive), philip thomas anderson, roy anderson, nick cassavetes, etc...

to help you understand whom i am talking about, and if interested, check this site out (one of my favorites):

so what's hot now? i can say that:

hugo, martin scorcese's latest film is a pure delight for those who love cinema and have an idea on how it started - and as much as i hate 3D, as much he really made very good use of this new trend in an amazing series of wide colorful takes as for the story, you will fall in love with it without any notion of the synopsis!

sherlock holmes: a game of shadows is definitely worth it - i also thought that danny boyle might screw it up this time, and might be repeating himself, but again, he reinvented some new beautiful techniques and camera movement that are of pure enjoyment! no if you don't know anything of the female cast (naomi rapace)... i'll give your more details soon, because you will be seeing more and more and more of her in hollywood.

mission impossible, ghost protocol: entertaining and a farewell gift to tom cruise, as he's leaving the floor to jeremy renner (the hurt locker), introduced in this 4th instalment - so now he is the new face for this role and as well for the bourne series...

the artist: my biggest surprise for the holidays - run and watch it, don't think twice... this one deserves a separate mail as well!

Awesome Kubrick website!

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

for kubrick's lovers, a website dedicated to every single eyelash of his life - have a look at the conceptual boards he used to create before shooting, above represents "the shining" - meticulously anal about every word, light, camera movement, lens... hated by every actor then worshiped - enjoy!

update: website address:

Nadine or Tarsem?

Monday, November 21st, 2011

nadine or tarsem? or is it esthetics over substance? a film i watched in beirut with a full house lebanese society, another was my first in doha - one, i tried as much as possible to detox myself from all the films and directors i’ve watched and admired, just to be able to enjoy it knowing that it will win my heart yet not my mind - another i knew without any doubt that it’s going to blow out my mind yet… not my heart.

i know for a fact that many of you rushed to cinemas to watch nadine labaki’s “where do we go now?” - you cried and laughed, i did too - but my detoxification wasn’t enough to stop me from wondering one things: when will nadine labaki, who just directed one of the best lebanese film ever, create her own cinema when she has an original script yet not an original direction?

getting inspired is not a sin, but not to aspire is certainly one - when the film was screened at cannes in “un certain regard” section, how unlucky was she with emir kusturica as head of the jury, and pedro almodovar walking just next door - if you haven’t seen any film from these 2 directors, then you will certainly enjoy nadine’s film - but if you watched any, then you would know why the film didn’t make anywhere but to the public choice award in toronto (where the lebanese society is ten times more than those in lebanon… same in doha or elsewhere).

despite all that, i could never forget my favourite scene of the film, and the amazing actors, or deny that the music is great with even greater humour that is not just for lebanese people, very much like mexican films and certainly the serbians (specifically a film called "snijeg" with almost the same premise).

but again is it fine if it's esthetics over substance? it might be if you are tarsem singh who just created one of the best 3D visual masterpieces cinema will ever have "immortals".

forget "the cell", "the fall" (that he previously directed), or if you’ve been awed by "300" and "sin city", etc… forget all that - every single second of the film is just the best-composed visual/photo/painting i’ve ever seen - esthetically, it’s stunning and original in every single shot - substance wise, it is stupid, silly and boring in every single word of the script.

so coming from the commercial world paid off mr singh! but again, my visual hypnosis wasn’t enough to stop me from wondering: when will tarsem singh, who just created one of the most beautiful paintings, will ever enslave his talent into creating the most beautiful story? will it be "mirror mirror", his next project for 2012? let’s wait and see.

so is it fine then, esthetics over substance? it is - one won my heart, another my mind - i'd lie to you by saying  that nadine's film will be short listed between the 6 finalists at the oscars but unfortunately 8 of the nominated are certainly original and strong - as for "immortals", it might make it to best art direction, cinematography, special effects...

w halla2 chou?

"tintin" is my next attraction - i already know how bad it is, but I wanna enjoy cursing steven spielberg in every scene of the adaptation - no wonder he rushed to finish "war horse", so he makes it to the oscars and prove to everyone that despite his failure with "tintin", he can still make big blockbusters that will touch hearts and minds together - i hate that film already, have you seen that cheesy trailer?

Abu Dhabi Film Festival: schedule’s out

Friday, September 30th, 2011

very late night - great news - schedule is out - a very good selection - envy - jealousy - if you can make it during the weekend, some of the best are by then.


  • we need to talk about kevin (uk) >> lynne ramsay (ratchatcher)
  • elena (russia) >> andrey zvyagintsev (the return, the banishment)
  • chicken with plums (france) >> marjan satrapi (persepolis)
  • a dangerous method (uk) >> david cronenberg (the list is long)
  • a seperation (iran) >> asghar farhadi (about elly)
  • troll hunter (sweden) >>andre ovredal
  • the yellow sea (south korea) >> na hong-jin
  • i wish (japan) >> hirokazu kore-eda (nobody knows)


  • dark horse (usa) >> todd solondz (happiness)
  • habemus papam (italy) >> nanni moretti (the son’s room)
  • the ides of march (usa) >> georges clooney (soon in cinemas anyway)
  • the source (morocco/france) >> radu mihaileanu
  • albert nobbs (ireland) >> rodrigo garcia (nine lives, mother & child)
  • and so many more

the greatest news is: the newly restored versions of ingmar bergmann’s "fanny" & "alexander", "wild strawberries", "smiles of a summer night" are showing!

finally, commemorating the centennial of naguib mahfouz and satyajit ray.

download the schedule on

Drive. Driving Ryan Gosling to blockbuster movies

Monday, September 19th, 2011

i didn’t expect it to be screened in the region that early! same time at the us and uk! well it did! great news after so many trashy films this couple of months.

drive by nicolas winding refn, is considered to be one of the best films screened at cannes this year, starring ryan gosling - the danish director has definitely marked his territory very well with his "pusher" trilogy that’s now in an american remake stage along "bronson", a great biography of the famous boxer, worth watching.

ryan gosling, is now the star he was supposed to be many years ago - after working so hard, i guess he earned it well in "blue valentine", the brilliantly written and acted film, so real, so natural, so true, so good - this year he earned like 4 roles so far - his latest is in george clooney’s new film "the ides of march", and the comedy "crazy stupid love".

that’s hollywood, get noticed in an independent suicidal film and then you move to blockbusters - ryan has been wary of that for a while, so i hope he keeps this attitude, as he’s one of the best new generation actors to join the empires of pacino, de niro, baldwin, brando...

We need to talk about Kevin

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

it’s been a while. I know. Nevertheless, british film institute is getting closer - if you’re traveling there by then, try to watch “we need to talk about kevin” and many other films that didn’t make it to cannes - believe me, they always have a selection as great as cannes.

we need to talk about kevin synopsis: the mother of a teenage boy who went on a high-school killing spree tries to deal with her grief, and feelings of responsibility for her child's actions, by writing to her estranged husband.

What’s next? Pottermore is next!

Friday, August 19th, 2011

when you sit on an empire of words and ideas, you will rule forever, and Indeed, j.k rowlings is.

i was telling a friend sometime ago, that this woman will never sit aside and watch or even write - better leave with greatness then live with flops that might never match harry potter.

it’s the social media era, then be it! move the whole harry potter world into social media, educate and let new generations grow and experience it as it should be.

smartly, was only open for a 1.000.000 users from all over the world as a start and will open to public on october - 1.000.000 users registered in a matter of hours, mainly the fans who survived on hp blogs - more details on:

you may face problems accessing the website, just be patient and try again.

Meet the Tarantino Mixtape by Electric Method

Friday, August 5th, 2011

eclectic method are remix kings who just deconstructed and reconstructed quentin tarantino’s movies scenes, leaving you with the tarantino mixtape, an amazing edit for all tarantino fans.

based in london, the members of eclectic method have been experimenting with audio-visual mixing of sounds and images for a good decade - 60+ of their videos appear online, including their latest release - a star wars remix called dark wars - H/T devour

Francis Ford Coppola is back with TWIXT

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

if you’d ask me about the one horror film that i’d watch and never ever get bored with, that would be the one and only  “dracula” by francis ford coppola back in 1992, with not one drop of a doubt.

it’s not horror, it’s actually the beauty of horror - it’s not gory, it’s actually the poetry of blood - it’s just the perfect combination of all art forms that formed this vampirism film, based on the book of them all “dracula - bram stoker” - it’s that film that made monica bellucci a goddess later on - it’s as immortal as dracula himself.

it took coppola 19 years to wake up from dracula’s curse, to write, direct and produce his latest horror film TWIXT.

check this trailer that doesn’t look like any horror film trailer i’ve seen before and i wonder... would this film mark the return of val kilmer? probably, but It certainly will make elle fanning (dakota’s fanning sister) more famous - mark my word, this young actress will have a brilliant career and outgrow her sister’s spotlight - if you’ve seen super 8, you’ll know what i mean...

Horrible Bosses VS Bridesmaids

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

i’m no fan of comedies, and i rarely watch american comedies in specific - i always wondered what a COMEDY FILM is like these days when you leave the theatre wondering if you have really laughed at all, as opposed to leaving and getting sore face muscles the next day - well actually that is the case with "horrible bosses" vs "bridesmaids".

"horrible bosses", is a horribly disappointing “comedy” that starts on a very good insight and ends up to be another series of goofs and silly acts, with nonsense dialogue and overacting cast - it's then that i really appreciated "the hangover" part 1 and much much more part 2 - you can read this very interesting article in the economist here.

"bridesmaids", is a very well written comedy, smart, naturally funny with memorable characters - yes, characters... that’s what makes an excellent film in any genre, and that’s the hardest to achieve in comedy - "bridesmaids" succeeds in all this, and mark my words, it’s the one to be nominated for best comedy in the next oscars - that is obviously if the jury is smart enough and not dumb.

finally, i couldn’t but wonder why comedies these days are extremely sexiest: it’s either a story of 4-5 men alienating women, or that of 4-5 women alienating men - guess it’s the trend now!

Meet John Carter

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

back in 1912, edgar rice burroughs created john carter in a series of comic books that is believed to set the ground for almost every fantasy book or comic written after that.

almost 99 years after the first comic book of the “john carter” series was released, disney is producing the first film and to be released in 2012, so happy 100’s birthday john!

let’s not talk about the beautiful CGI effects and 3D awesomeness (though I’m not a big fan), as it’s now the base of any hollywood film to make it or brake it, but let’s talk about the many similarities “avatar” has with this series - i’ve googled here, read there, saw the trailer... mmmmmm and we thought james cameron is a genius or is it edgar rice burroughs? isn’t it also because we’ve never read these comics...? may be.

you might wonder why did they choose B actors when it should be celebrities, but it seems that adapting comic books into screen with big names turned out to be a total flop - people would go to see how edward norton would look as a hulk, or eric bana, or or or... so take these out, bring low profile actors, build the character properly and who knows?

check john carter’s trailer and listen to the amazing song by peter gabriel.

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