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Hotel Monroe, never again!

Friday, May 27th, 2011

i don't know how we ended up booking in that hotel downtown beirut opposite phoenicia, but i can assure you this is the last time i stay at there - we reached the hotel after midnight, checked in, went to our rooms to relax and obviously we needed to drink water - so we tried getting some from the mini bar but it was locked with no keys around - we called reception for help after which they promised to send someone to open that mini bar - we waited for half an hour but no one showed up, so we decided to crash on the bed and simply forget about water - a friend wanted internet access, so they brought him a 4 meter wire as the hotel doesn't offer wifi!

the next morning we went to the conference room and there was this projector hanging down from the ceiling with weird clips - we wanted internet so the guy offered us 3 packages: half an hour for 4$, 1 hour for 6$ or 24 hours for 44$!!! that was hilarious, who pays for internet nowadays? the best part was the power cut in the middle of the presentation - but hey, nothing is impossible in lebanon, everything switches over to the power generator and life goes on! typically lebanon!

oh and about that morning sea view? absolutely gorgeous!


Back to Kuwait. Sorry Moe…

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

we're finally back and there's no place like home! for some reason we thought that take off is at 8 p.m. but then realized that it is rather at 18:00 so we almost missed our flight!! we rushed to the airport like crazy and didn't have the time to bring moe his medicine.. apologies to moe.

Off to Beirut for a couple of days

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

we'll be off for a couple of days so we might not post any news, depending on our very busy schedule - not so sure about the situation though, instability around lebanon has always translated into instability in lebanon! hope all goes well - see you soon guys.

Meet Cloudnine, your full private home-salon service

Friday, May 13th, 2011

don't have time to go to the salon? no problem.. the salon will come to you!

when i was a little kid, jeanne-d'arc used to come to our house and groom mom, i was fascinated with the way she waxed and the speed she trimmed & polished nails - time went by and beauty salons mushroomed and prospered but it seems that the old home-salon concept is now back to where it started!

cloudnine combines the old full private home grooming with the modern salon services - whether you need waxing, body care, massage, make-up or just nail care all you have to do is visit and book a session - a dedicated and skilled team will come to your house and pamper you at home with a set of body-care products that will give jeanne-d'arc some serious goosebumps! how cool and convenient is that?

Scary afternoon in Kuwait!

Friday, March 25th, 2011

a dust-storm has hit kuwait this afternoon - what is scary is the speed at which it reached the city, without any warning! be careful guys, stay wherever you are as visibility on the road is very poor - stay safe.


a friend sent me the below picture from the avenues - the dust has entirely invaded the mall!

I’m no criminal!

Monday, January 31st, 2011

i'm in dubai for a couple of days - it’s been a while since i visited the city so i noticed a few changes – emirates landed far away from the main terminal which was a real hassle as we had to take the bus for a 15 minutes trip to the main terminal – this might be ok when you travel during the day, but when your flight lands after 1:00 am then it’s no fun, at all – then upon arrival, and despite entering with my canadian passport, i've been requested to go through an eye scan!!! so i had to stand in line with the rest of the "suspects" to undergo an intrusive operation - so this officer asks me to look straight into the scanning machine and open my eye, which i did - but apparently the scan didn't work, i had to open my eye wider, much wider - i tried my best and failed again - well it was over 2 am and i just couldn't make that kind of effort!! so i gave it my best shot and finally it worked and the officer releases me! releases??? not so sure, now they know me inside out and there is no escape! COME ON!! I AM NO CRIMINAL!!!

Double standards?

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

last friday i read this article in alwatan arabic daily that says: "in a scene that is intrusive to our society and that is quickly spreading, girls are riding behind guys on motorbikes without any consideration for the road code of conduct - above a picture of a girl riding behind a guy without any consideration for the road code of conduct".

the same day i was walking around the muhallab mall and spotted this mannequin bride displayed in one of the lingerie shops - suddenly the morning article crossed my mind and i wondered whether this scene is intrusive to the society or respects the "mall's code of conduct!"

one might argue that the above is only a mannequin, but what would you say if i told you that the building facing us in salmiya turned from a "families building" to a "bachelors building" almost 2 years ago, and since then that building has turned into a nightclub, a brothel, you name it.. and no one is able to solve this "code of conduct" - we talked to the police several times and they tried to take action, but every time the police interfered the parties would grow wilder and louder - the parties start around 1:00 am and finish around noon, we often wake-up in the middle of the night on fighting scenes between drunk guys and stoned girls - the owner of the building is now being sued but my guess this will not end any time soon.

is this not intrusive to the society? shut down this brothel opposite our building and keep these ladies riding on the bikes, i don't see how they are offending the road code of conduct!

Back to Kuwait :) home sweet home!

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

finally the holidays are over! well this sounds a bit weird but it is true - the first few days in lebanon are always exciting, the next few days are also fun, but then and for some reason the stay becomes itchy... so happy to be back, finally!

One of 2010′s best photos – Warning, strong pictures!!

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

the pictures are captured by photographer domingo botan (AP) - the bull piercing the spanish bullfighter julio aparicio, was one of the most shocking, but also one of the most awarded photos of 2010 - the spaniard survived the terrible accident!

Michel Hayek 2011 predictions

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

like every year, most lebanese turn their tvs to lbc on new year's eve to watch what michel hayek has to predict for the coming year - this ritual is turning to the ridicule as the previous year's predictions are being edited along with the year's events for validation! but that's not helping as most predictions are so generic and cover so many categories that most events are bound to happen!! anyways, here are 2011's predictions for what they are worth..

Future Mobi app invading malls soon

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

future mobi is a new product that will invade your mobiles and your lives very soon, whenever you get into a mall – future mobi is a device that is set in different mall locations and will:

1- bombard you with ads in various formats, pdf, mp3, movie player etc..

2- junk you with news and offers through the future mobi app loaded with participants’ from different categories, from banking to restaurants etc… – these participants will be displaying special offers and news for you to get access to while you’re inside the mall

so you walk into a mall and your mobile starts beeping with special offers from future mobi’s ads service, then you open the app and read through various categories on news and offers, isn’t that great? now you can forget about going out for shopping or drinking coffee you’re your friends, just get your eyes fixed on your mobile for more junk news and if someone calls just ignore!

Shoes for KD 1.900 fils!! Italian suit for KD 12!! all dressed up for merely the price of a branded T-shsirt!!

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

there's a product tailored for every need and that's the beauty of the market, if you go down souk alkabir you'll be surprised about what you find!

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