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Meet the very first blog in Kuwait

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

i was chitchatting with his during wataniya's bloggers night so i asked him about the very first blog in kuwait, which turned out to be qhate - "his" also mentioned that a guy called bader (nibaq) and mark were behind the blog, so i called mark to inquire - it seems that they started this blog in february 2003 and back then they were actually 4 guys, nibaq, mark, mark's sister and another kuwaiti guy from the states - it goes without saying that wordpress was not there in 2003, so qhate was hosted by, which was bought by google on february of that same year!

i think that the very first post came out on february 2nd 2003 but unfortunately i couldn't find it - i only found posts dating from february 7th onwards - then mark sent me an older post dated february 6th called "north of kuwait off limits", it seems that this is the oldest blog post on the net's archive, written by mark - the post talks about the pre-war measures taken by the government, which turned the popular camping hotspots in the north of kuwait into a military zone.

a couple of days ago, i read an interesting post by his & hers called when blogging was lost, now i know what they meant by that as i found qhate's stories much more interesting than most of today's blogs, at least it didn't rely on pictures and youtube videos.

as for the second oldest blog in kuwait, and still according to mark, it was kuwait unplugged by zaidoun, the longest running blog in kuwait, 2003 - 2011 - you can check his first post here, dated march 20th 2003, the same day the second gulf war broke out! apparently his blog crashed that day!

we only started blogging in 2010, hence we consider ourselves as beginners and refrain from giving blogging advice, though one thing is glaringly obvious.. oldies are truly goldies!

thanks to "his" & mark for the valuable info.

Join FB page “Pure Nostalgia (Assaleh ERA)”

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

pure nostalgia (assaleh era) is a fantastic facebook page dedicated to old stuff, you can find old pictures, videos, posters, games.. you name it - the page is open for all to participate, i just shared my galaxy invaders post there - i also found these awesome 1974 authentic vintage made in usa aviator ray-ban shades with flexible cable temples, the 80's zoom game and remi bandale's song "3touna altoufouli".

the fb page has mostly old lebanese stuff, but if you like oldies this shouldn't really matter - who's gonna start pure nostalgia kuwait? anyone?

Remember Galaxy Invader?

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

i found this old game when i visited my parents last christmas so i brought it with me to kuwait and gave it to my kids - obviously, it meant nothing to them as they are into ps3 and wii - what my kids don't know, is that this one is the great-grandmother of all the electronic games they play today... i used to spend hours on this one, unfortunately the score stops at 99 points!

i found a 1982 model at ebay, it doesn't cost much, around 9 usd but the one in yellow is at 320 usd! i guess mine is a couple of years earlier, my aunt bought it for me from london around 1980...

Beautiful old Lebanese cinema tickets

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

i got these lovely pictures from a friend and though i'm very familiar with the names, i was too young to remember whether my folks ever took me there - i sure remember the movie posters while driving down hamra street with dad, especially strand's theaters as we used to frequently visit that mall - this is where i actually heard about kuwait for the first time of my life, as the mall was owned by the baydas family.

does anyone have old cinema tickets from kuwait?

Oldies but goldies

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

since we're in vienna and everything around us is old and antique, here's something we found on the net that fits the occasion - may be you've seen these before, but oldies are goldies so we're posting anyways - enjoy!

Wadi Al Safi Sang for Kuwait

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Feyrouz sang for Kuwait

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Oum Koulthoum sang for kuwait

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

for the occasion of the national & liberation days we'll be posting old songs by famous arab icon singers - we'll start with the diva, oum koulthoum

Can you guess what this is?

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

it’s a 1956 5MB memory storage IBM hard disk! in september 1956 IBM launched the 305 RAMAC, the first computer with a hard disk drive (HDD), the HDD weighed over a ton and stored 5MB of data, makes you appreciate your 32 GB USB drive, doesn’t it?

an IBM RAMAC 305 with a 350 disk storage unit was leased for about $3,200 per month back in 1957, over a thousand of the 305 systems (one of IBM’s last vacuum tube units) were manufactured before production ended in 1961, and the 305 was withdrawn in 1969.

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