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iPhone 5 luring offers

Thursday, December 20th, 2012


if you're looking for an iphone 5, you'll probably be lost in translation with all these offers from the 3 telcos - each has its own sales strategy that is quite different from the other competitor to offer you the same handset.

for instance, viva have a combination of offers allowing you to either get the handset for free or put a down-payment on the phone along with a monthly package - the lowest package you can get for an iphone 5 with viva is kd 10/month with 250 minutes of bundled usage and 1gb of bundled data - the 16 gb handset down-payment is 139 kd.

as for zain, they have included the handset price in the package with a minimum commitment of kd 18/month - however the lowest offer is kd 27/month with 300 minutes, 12 gb internet cap and pay as you go sms for the 16 gb handset.

wataniya telecom has a different approach, no free handsets or price inclusive strategy - their strategy is based on packages where you pay part of the handset tag price along with a monthly package - the lowest offer they have is kd 14/month with kd 240 down-payment for the 16 gb handset.

it goes without saying that the most luring hook is the free handset offered by viva - but then you have to go for the kd 30 monthly package with 1500 local minutes, 300 sms and unlimited data and you basically get the iphone 5 for free - this comes with a commitment to an 18 months contract, which is fine - but here's the trick, if you are a viva customer, even if you are an elite customer, you will be excluded from the offer even if you're renewing your contract! it seems that this generosity only applies in case you get a new line, which means they want to attract a handful of new customers and piss-off the majority of their existing loyal base... i don't get it, why upgrade me to an elite status for my loyalty and then forbid me from availing of such offers? why is a new customer being pampered and not me?

what to do now? my contract with viva has ended and i don't want to lose my number, nor buy a new one... so i either have to end my relationship with the telecom and move somewhere else, because they have put me in this corner in the first place, or buy my own handset with cash - but the question is, why do i want to pay cash when i'm surrounded with such lucrative offers!

for more details, you can read viva iphone 5 offers here, zain iphone 5 offers here and wataniya iphone 5 offers here.

Cheap sex!

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

every time i read arabtimes i wonder why most stories revolve around sex - like yesterday's stories for instance were about a live sex show, chastity lost in a relationship, bangladeshi pimp abducts women for prostitution and girl kidnapped, raped by boyfriend!

however, another story was eye-popping, about women charging kd 5 in return for sex! i couldn't believe how cheap that price is, are they like on sale? or is the prostitution market suffering from higher supply than demand, like the drugs industry?

Cool idea from NBK!

Friday, July 27th, 2012

i passed by sultan center yesterday and as i reached the cashier, i spotted this custom-made "next customer" promotion bar by nbk - awesome idea and a great trigger at the point of purchase - basically the bar informs you that you can win your purchases (up to kd 200) if you use your credit card.

i asked the lady at the cashier if this is working, and she informed me that nbk customers are actually using their cards and that the promotion bar is doing its job - i believe this is a great idea for small budget campaigns, instead of spending a lot of money in the newspapers you can reach the customers at the relevant moment of truth.

you can read more about the nbk promotion here.

A beauty from every angle!

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

flawless, unblemished, faultless or simply put AWESOME.. the least one can say about the mclaren mp4-12c.. i tried to look for an imperfection, gazed at every angle, checked the tires, the rims.. this car is amazing from every angle - what's even more exciting is the uniqueness of the brand, the mclaren is not a car you see on thursday night at gulf street, it's on a league of its own.

the only thing that actually annoyed me is the name of the make "mp4-12c", but when i looked it up, it turned out to be pretty interesting!!

it seems that "mp4" has been the chassis designation for all mclaren formula 1 cars since 1981 - since 1997, mp4 has stood for mclaren project 4 (from 1981 to 1996, when mclaren's title sponsor was marlboro, the "m" stood for this), - the "12" refers to mclaren's internal vehicle performance index through which it rates key performance criteria both for competitors and for its own cars - the criteria combine power, weight, emissions, and aerodynamic efficiency - the "c" refers to carbon, highlighting the application of carbon fibre technology to the future range of mclaren sports cars.

a beauty from every angle indeed, even the car make... i wonder what car nbk will offer next year, any ideas?

What are you up to on National & Liberation day?

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

national & liberation day should in principle be a glorious & happy occasion celebrating freedom and the end of oppression - unfortunately, this day has turned into a nightmare for many people who suffer from the aggression of the irresponsible youth who spend tons of money on foam cans, spraying everything that moves on gulf road!

this year, the authorities have also forbidden the sprays, but we've seen the implementation last year and i am seriously worried! personally, i prefer to run away (forced travel) to avoid this ordeal, but this year we're tied-up with so many things so we're basically stuck here, following our workaround plan to the letter, "home before 3pm", which proved to be pretty effective.

restaurants will be full during these days as everybody will be out and restaurants on promotions - speaking of promotions, ruby tuesday & peppes pizza have just launched their offers for the holidays, you can check them out here.

so what are you up to on n&l day?

Thanksgiving at Applebees

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

it seems turkeys are out of stock in kuwait - a lot of people were looking around and basically all major supermarkets and coops don't have any turkeys in their stores - a friend of mine investigated and found out that they were banned for non-compliance with halal slaughtering.

so here's a practical solution - applebees is running a special promotion today to celebrate thanksgiving - the promotions will either be a meal in the restaurant or a catering order of turkey with yummy side dishes.

to pre-order a turkey from applebees you can call 18 444 66 - for reservations at the restaurant, you can call bneid al gar: 22407536, mishref: 25381481, fintas: 23714559 - you can also follow applebee’s kuwait on facebook here.

Office Depot back 2 school savings

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

it's back to school already and office depot have some great deals at the avenues and shuweikh - whether you are a parent or a student, you can check their back to school amazing savings in the discount booklet here.

Standarrhea at Marina Mall…

Monday, August 29th, 2011

remember our salearrhea post back in jan? well this one is pretty close, but it's more about the annoying number of stands currently erected at the marina mall - i’ve done my count a couple of days ago and the number of stands was 31 - this includes an unknown white stand next to excite which will open up soon.

the stands vary in size and offerings, but the center area is the most congested now, with over ten stands, in addition to that ugly cube in the center - when are they gonna dismantle that monstrous and hideous cube? can’t wait… really...

one thing is sure, marina mall is quickly turning into a popular souk with these promotional stands, people are finding it harder to wander around with the same ease it once was… and frankly that side of the mall is starting to irritate me...

Kababji introduces Dewaniya offers

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

i've always been a big fan of kababji, though the quality deteriorated a few months ago i believe it has improved a lot lately - i was at their marina mall kiosk yesterday and spotted this poster promoting their latest offers: the dewaniya sandwich meal for 10 and the dewaniya mix meal for 10.

the dewaniya sandwich meal includes 20 kafta sandwiches or 20 shish tawook sanwiches +10 taboule + 10 french fries + 2l pepsi for 22.950

as for the dewaniya mix meal it includes 2 skewers of kabab frangali + 2 skewers of kabab eggplant + 4 skewers of shish kabab + 8 skewers of kafta + 8 skewers of shish tawook + 4 skewers of chicken kabab + 16 pieces of arayes + 3 french fries + 3 yellow rice + 3 dakous sauce + 3 hommos + 3 taboula + 2 vegetable plates + 2l pepsi for kd 24.950.

enjoy it!

For once, marina toilets smell good!

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

like all public toilets, mall toilets are not known to smell good - we were at the marina mall this weekend and as i took my kid to the washroom i was struck by a nice smell - i looked around and saw these nice adidas deodorant stands on both sides of the sinks promoting trial - a couple of guys did try the deodorant on their way out, over their shirts of course - beautiful promotion, but it will be good if they keep these sprays around for the summer when some people really stink, this way they'll hit 2 birds in one stone!

What are the odds??

Monday, January 10th, 2011

back in november, we posted an article about the excite promo - today i was pleasantly surprised as i read that salah geha had won the lamborghini gallardo - it happens that i know salah very well so i called him up early morning as soon as i saw his picture in the paper and wished him safe driving- what you don't know about salah is that he was VP of alghanim electronics, the parent brand of xcite, until he decided to pursue other opportunities back in 2005 - luck has no boundaries, keep on trying guys you could be next!

The great hand soap event at Bath & Body Works

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

great merchandising material at b&bw, loved the colors and designs - what do they really mean by spread love not germs? not so sure, but it looks great!

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