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What a tough decision..

Monday, November 4th, 2013


3 years today, we started 965malls, a blog that talks about malls, what's hot and what's not - then the digital scene evolved and every mall started its own social media channels and we learned early on that "malls news" will be redundant so we shifted to story telling, focusing on our lives in kuwait malls, restaurants and what have you - we found our voice, had some fans, we had our ups and downs, but we always avoided redundancy.

for that reason, we decided to stop today, drop the towel and call it a day - simply put, if you have nothing more to say, just say it.

we will miss you all dearly and we will miss writing, but we have to move on - we are getting busier and busier by the day and we better keep up to whatever reputation we have so far built.

adios, love you all & stay cool.

Sad, can’t live without my phone!

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

iPhone 5 Render Based on Leaked Parts

when mobile phones were commercialized in the early 90's, i hated the idea and resisted buying a cell phone until 2003! i guess i was the last person in the family to buy one as i was so attached to my privacy.

so much has changed, yesterday i forgot my phone home and left to work, i was completely lost and called the cab to go home and fetch it for me! can you imagine that? what a metamorphose, from complete resistance to complete addiction! i hate this.


Sunday, October 27th, 2013

you must be aware of saudi arabia's women defying the authorities over the female driving ban yesterday - though we are staunch supporters of that cause, we found this youtube video quite amusing - i guess everyone supports the cause his own way :)

They stole my idea!

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

i'm sure we all thought of this at one point of time, but i swear i had this idea in mind for more than 5 years to the smallest detail - hélas, lots of dreams but no cash to make things real!

this post courtesy of kuwaitiful.

Ladurée has much improved since our last ordeal

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013


a couple of years ago, we had a very bad experience with ladurée and as a result we boycotted the place and shunned from visiting it - last week, we decided to turn the page on a 2 and a half years grudge and decide to try it again - to be fair, it is miles away from what it was when they first opened, the service has greatly improved on several levels - no more waiting for your food, bills or orders and no more orders mix-up.

the food is very good so is the presentation, so if you are in the mood for some french breakfast do not hesitate to visit - one wrinkle still persists, the waiters still can't get the french menu, i would recommend an english menu instead or an intensive crash course french training to the waiters - merci :)

Awesome idea!

Sunday, October 20th, 2013



back in august, when our son ryan decided to cut his 5-year-old pony tail, he went to this barber in lebanon called jackyo who introduced him to this awesome program called "make the cut" - make the cut is basically about donating your hair to make wigs for women with cancer, this initiative is organized by a group called "one wig stand" and supported by l'oreal.

what a wonderful program! i hope people replicate this here in kuwait as it makes a big difference for people with cancer, and also encourages guys like my son, to cut their hair for a higher purpose.


Thursday, October 10th, 2013


finally! the road bumps at hamad almubarak street salmiya have completely disappeared on both sides of the road - this is opposite mr baker right before salmiya coop, so glad they are off the street - i broke my car there a couple of times as the bumps had no warning signs or fluorescent paint, you could barely notice them - finally someone took some action, the right action for that matter..

45 bloody minutes!

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013


i was having coffee with a friend at jumeirah beach hotel on saturday night and as we walked out i gave the car ticket to the valet parking - the place was packed so we expected a long wait, but what happened was totally unacceptable!

we stood at the exit door for ages waiting for our car to be delivered, meanwhile, there was a large number of people standing in front of us who took delivery of their cars, then another number of people standing behind us took delivery of their cars and we were left alone waiting…

despite several reminders and complaints, our car went missing and it wasn’t until 45 minutes later that we got it delivered!

i investigated the matter with some friends and it seems that valet parking at jumeirah is an issue – you better shape up guys if you want to see me back!

McArabia Sujuk? Awesome!!

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013


i tried mcarabia sujuk the other day and what a delight that was! i guess this time mcdonalds have hit the jackpot with a product that is unique and different - fast food has been very redundant lately with enhanced flavors and everything seems to be tasting the same, but not sujuk - this has such a unique taste you'd love it from the first bite!

the sujuk patties come with mayo, tomato, red onions, grated carrot and lettuce, it captures the local flavors perfectly - unfortunately this product will be for a limited time and it will disappear soon, so i advise you to try it out now.

Will this be the new malls’ entrance?

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013


i read in the paper about some serious measures to be taken by the authorities to control security at the malls, which is fantastic - some of the suggested ideas tackled some advanced security cameras and metal detector machines - not sure about the last one though, i guess metal detector gates will worsen the state of traffic at the malls and will drive people away, we already spend crazy time trying to park our cars, imagine queuing on security gates too!

on the other hand, these detectors will be of no use in a mall like the avenues where you can simply walk into carrefour and buy the knife of your choice, that's exactly what happened with the last victim there.

anyways, i'm glad some serious action is being considered, hope it will not affect traffic in and traffic out from the malls.

The cake curse!

Monday, September 30th, 2013


yes it’s a curse! every time i ask for a themed cake i get into some kind of trouble.. it's my son's birthday, and for his sweet sixteen i wanted to get him a special cake, a surprise one... but little did i know that the actual surprise would be yet another cake saga for that matter.

ryan's friends decided to throw him an early surprise party, and of course they asked for my help -  so mommy started to look for cakes and organize stuff for the event… as i only had 3 days for the surprise dinner, i decided to order a simple cake for the dinner and another themed one for the family gathering - since ryan loves the walking dead, i picked up that theme for his cake, though a bit gory for the occasion.

i went to la baguette to check whether the themed cake can be ready on time for d day, and asked for a small alteration on the simple one - it wasn't a busy day, but there was this couple looking for a cake, which for some odd reason had me waiting for more than 45 minutes! once the indecisive and unbelievably slow couple finally placed their order, came my turn - so i showed the girl my cakes designs and gave her the jpeg files to email the chef - she promised to call me the next day at 10:00am..

the next day, i waited for the call, but came 10:00 am and no one called! 11:00 am was a carbon copy of 10:00 am, a big fat nothing! at 11:45 i’ve had it, so i decided to pay the bakery a visit and deal with the matter face to face.

as soon as i walked in i spotted the lady and without introductions i inquired about the delay, to which she simply answered oooooooh madam… i loooosst youuur nummmmberrrrr!! hmmm ok stay calm i said to myself… so you lost my number even though you wrote it down in font of me... how unlucky!

fine, so did u talk to the chef i said? yes she goes, but they refused to make the simple cake, but agreed to the themed one.. who is they? there was no clear answer so i asked to talk to the manager and check what was the problem is.

the lady calls abdel aziz, the egyptian manager then started talking to some guy called nasser... from the conversation, you could clearly tell that it was a deaf talk so i asked to talk to the manager in person.

i tried to reason with the guy and asked him about the problem at hand, but he simply refused to make the cake - i explained how simple it was, a few layers of kitkat with strawberries toppings, that's all i need! but the bas***d said, if it were so simple why don’t you make it yourself? his tone of voice was so sarcastic i could have strangled him if he were anywhere near my sight!!

i raised my voice and told him that if i were a chef and had a bakery i would have baked it myself and avoided the hassle!! and besides, i am paying you to bake the cake for me!! the guy held his position, and raised the stakes by informing me that they didn’t even e-mail the designs to the chef - mind you, that they had accepted the themed cake already and refused the simple one, based on what i don't know, maybe by talking to the ghost chef??

after getting really angry i told the manager from hell that i wasn’t a satisfied customer (as if he cared) and that this is not the first time they make such mistakes… now here comes the cream on top, instead of being polite and apologize, this guy tells me to go seek other bakeries in town… there are plenty you know!!! can you believe that?

i’m so stupid to believe that la baguette had good professional staff, actually, when i had a problem with sable a couple of years ago, they placed a comment inviting e to try their service! they sure are much worse! (see above picture)

how did this end? i went to cake & bake and had all what i was asking for - the cake was amazing and exactly what i had in mind, that simple! the staff were so nice and pleasant, very helpful too.. there was a little delay with the delivery but all went well after all and the surprise was a success! as for the themed cake, it has just been delivered :) i got it from bread talk, where there too i met the most professional and helpful people, the walking dead cake looks awesome!!!!


as for la baguette, my advice is to fire your unfriendly, unprofessional staff as they seem not to care about loosing their customers - but to be fair, your manager was right about one thing, and i have to give him credit for that.. there are so many bakeries out there, and boy their service level is so much better... keep it up boys!

Pizzeria Amami, simply the best!

Sunday, September 29th, 2013


there was an awesome pizzeria restaurant next to our house called pizzeria romana, which seems to have disappeared, however a new replacement is in, called pizzeria amami - i went to check it out the other day, and what a wonderful surprise that was!

the interior design hasn't changed, it is still the same as pizzeria romana, however the songs are all italian, and the tv is set to an italian channel - moreover, the waitresses are italians, the chefs are italian, and all the customers are all italians!

the waitress recommended an awesome entry called melenzane parmigiana, fried aubergines with cheese and tomato sauce, it was heavenly! as for the pizza, it was the best i have had in kuwait! i ordered the capricciosa, everything about it is fresh, and the dough is amazing, even the vegetable oil..

one thing needs serious work is their menu - it is very poor, but to hell with it with such amazing food - if you want the real authentic italian pizza, there is one place and one place only, pizzeria amami (amami means i love).

pizzeria amami is in salmiya, salem almubarak street, behind olympia mall, however they will be moving to the symphony mall in november - you can check their facebook page here.

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