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Meet the retweet criminal!

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013


i came across a story in the paper yesterday about tweeps & law - it seems that anyone who reposts a tweet posted by someone convicted of a crime through the final ruling of the court of cassation is considered an accomplice.

so be very careful what you tweet and most importantly do not repost statements deemed offensive to others in order to avoid legal problems - guess we need to add a new profile to the above exhibit, the retweet criminal :)

Love facebook inline commenting system

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013


if you have more than 10,000 facebook fans, have a business or brand page, then you should already be aware of the new inline comment system that facebook rolled out recently - we simply love it! it took us a while to adjust in the beginning, especially that comments with high engagement friends or high comments/likes now come on top, but at least you can reply to each comment with a thread conversation.

this is interesting for business pages as it they benefit from identifying their most engaged fans as they come on top while having a focused one on one communication.

inline commenting system will be rolled out to the public in july, so guys be ready for a positive change on facebook! my question is: why didn't they think of that in the first place?

you can read more on this subject here.

More Viva Elite perks

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

a few weeks back, i wrote a post entitled putting viva elite to the test whereby a viva representative renewed my wife's car papers while i was at work - in this post, i mentioned that the network at home was weak and asked if anything can be done - a few days back, engineer bilal from viva left a message on that post asking me to call.

so i called bilal and agreed to meet at my house the next day - he came over and took a network reading, he shook his head like a worried doctor and promised follow-up the next day - i thought that was it, but the next day another engineer called ahmed shows up with a couple of boosters, he spent the afternoon making trials and errors until he was satisfied with the readings - i tested my network and the bars jumped from 1/5 bar to 4/5!!

wow, that was awesome! the network that was giving me so much trouble and almost made me cancel my contract with viva, is now working perfectly! i tested it for a few days and now it is trouble-free.

cost of this open heart operation? 00 kd!! the boosters were installed for free and all this is part of viva's elite program... isn't that awesome?!

many thanks to viva and viva elite, fantastic support and service.

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Awesome Star Trek google doodle

Friday, September 7th, 2012

google has launched this awesome doodle on the occasion of star trek's 46th anniversary - the animation carries a story or scene from the movie which google decided to launch a day earlier than the exact airing date so people would have the time to discover it.

google letters look like star trek crew members, they're so funny... i played with this animation several times and discovered a few tricks which you can see above.

you can read more on mashable tech.

Look, i tried to keep quiet…

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

believe me i tried to keep quiet... for a while, but this is so funny - i came across this video that best describes samsung's reaction as it was ordered to pay apple $1.5 billion after a jury rules in favor of apple in its huge smartphone patent infringement case.

to all samsung fans and frankom, this is also dedicated to you!

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S3, what a lovely time-bomb!

The beginning of the end...

The beginning of the end…

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

i read on cnn tech that iphone 5 is to be unveiled on september 12 - the report also mentioned that imore blog was first to announce the news from "sources who have proven accurate in the past", though apple did not make any official news yet - anyways, i thought i'd share this news with samsung s3 fans, this is the end of your little affair with that brat!

picture courtesy of imore.

Free app with

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

i came across this awesome website that basically lets you build your own iphone, ipad, android, and blackberry app real easy! it is amazing and simple, just go to, click on pricing.

when you get to the pricing page, you will see 3 options, start with the first one and sign up for free - once you do that, an identification key appears at the bottom of the page, copy it as you will need for wordpress activation.

next, you need to download the weever app plugin and activate it, quite a simple task.

once you have activated the plugin, you need to insert your identification key so you can edit it - editing the app is easy, you need a few trial and error tests to figure it out, it is not complicated, once you're done, you can scan the bar code and see how your app looks like, then make the amends before you go live.

this is the look and feel of our app, basically i have added a blog tab, a video tab for our youtube channel, and a social tab for twitter.

i have also added facebook photo feed to photos, as for the share app tab, it basically allows you to share a post and most importantly download the app icon to your iphone screen, it doesn't show on this snapshot because it was taken post download.

weeverapp is really awesome, the only downside is the absence of comments on blog posts, that's why we basically turned it off until they add this function, but if you can do without comments, this would be perfect for you.

S3, what a lovely time-bomb!

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

last month we posted an article entitled call me snob, but what's the s3 hype all about? - we had many comments from the s3 fans supporting samsung for no apparent reason :) today i'm posting this news especially for them, just to let them know that their s3 is nothing but a time-bomb awaiting to explode in their pockets! i think that phone cannot handle the pressure, it is loaded with pure powder.

you can read about the s3 exploding in cars here - enjoy it guys and long live the iphone!

Call me snob, but what’s the S3 hype all about?

Monday, May 28th, 2012

ok, since when a korean brand like samsung suddenly becomes the talk of town, appearing on every newspaper, billboard and blog? since when the brand became this precursor standing at the cutting edge of technology?

excuse my language, but i am not one of those people to be carried away by copycats who still have to wow me with something unique and out-of-the-box - all they have done so far is offering me a variation of the revolutionary iphone and ipad, did they make the revolution? no, they are simply riding the wave and for that i give them no credit and refuse to buy iphone wannabes...

as a brand, samsung still has a long road ahead in order to convince me that it is a badge worth carrying! are you proud to carry a samsung? for me, not in a million years!

Now you can remove Facebook Timeline

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

if you want to get rid of facebook timeline, here's a quick and simple way that will get you there:

  1. visit and scroll down until you reach "select your browser download"
  2. click the icon of your favorite browser, after that your will be asked if you want to download the extension, click on continue
  3. then confirm the extension window by clicking "add"
  4. an icon will appear on the top right corner (see below), check the status by clicking on that icon
  5. close your browser and  start it again
  6. login to your facebook account, if you still see timeline, click on the icon on step 4 and then click X, it will change to green
  7. refresh your browser and timeline will disappear, your old facebook page will be back online

hope the above helps, meanwhile the worse has just happened... we're starting to get used to timeline, moving from hating it, to not liking it!

What took them so long??

Friday, April 13th, 2012

i was wondering why this embarrassing problem has not been solved yet despite the technological advancement especially in textile production - then i came across this article in the daily mail and here it is finally, the perspiration-proof shirt from marks & spencer - no more sweat, no more dark patches under your arm with this sweat resistant shirt called dri-guard - the high-tech fabric works by drawing the perspiration away from the skin and into the inner fabric, then dispersing it as vapor.

amazing isn't it? i think the dri-guard would do wonders in our part of the world..

The coolest fridge magnet ever!

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

tbwaraad dubai advertising agency has created this clever idea for their client red tomato's pizza - the idea is simple: hungry? let your fridge order your pizza for you with the press of a button! the button is of course preset to your favorite pizza, but if you decide to change the preset order you can do it online.

the red tomato fridge magnet is designed for vips, very important pizza lovers only! it is awesome, convenient and effortless!

cool idea, i wish we can import it to kuwait, it would do wonders!

thanks mary for the story.

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