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Childhood dreams never fade away..

Thursday, September 26th, 2013


when i'm all grown up, come what may, i'll build a boat to carry me away, i'll hang over the edge and watch the bow of the boat slice through the waves...

beautiful childhood dreams never fade away, they may feel like an optical illusion or a mirage, but somehow, somewhere, some day, the gates of luck will swing wide open and you suddenly hear the sailors cry, smell the sea and feel the sky - tomorrow someone will live that childhood dream for real, when nbk announces the winner of the azimut yacht cards promotion.

the winds of luck might blow your way, so be at the grand avenues tomorrow at 4:00 pm and be ready to set sail - remember, you can't control the wind, but you can always adjust the sail.

all the best to the lucky winner.

Like IKEA’s new restaurant look?

Thursday, September 19th, 2013


though ikea changed their restaurant's interior design back in ramadan, we just discovered the new look last weekend and had some mixed feelings about it - the wooden tables are much more comfortable and their height are better, now you don't have to bend forward while eating, they just fit perfectly.



the kids corner is still there, however it has been moved a bit further behind the restaurant - we did not try the white plastic tables, we actually didn't like them!


what is great is the lcd screens menus - they really look awesome and bring the food to light perfectly, easy to read with refreshing color combination.


the entrance to ikea is a bit more confined and the whole place looks a bit smaller, we liked how open the restaurant was before, but i guess we'll get used to it.

so mixed feelings about the new look, what's important is that the food is still as good as ever and their meatballs still rock!

Fatburger’s best location so far!

Monday, September 9th, 2013


if you love fatburger, you have two choices: one, drive all the way up to mahboula, two, drive all the way down to kuwait city to a tiny place at burj jassem - well one might argue that this depends on where you live, sure but we live in salmiya so both locations are a no go for us on a weekend.

anyways, the problem is now settled as fatburger is opening its best location so far, the avenues - basically they took the old butcher shop's place which is great!

good luck fatburger, now we can enjoy your awesome menu without complaining about the long drives..

Meet awesome C-Omar

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013


i decided to try c-omar over the weekend and what a delight that was! if you like egyptian cuisine, meet the best egyptian restaurant in kuwait.

everything on the menu is tempting, from kushari to fattah, mulukhiya, foul & to3miya, it's all there, clean neat and awesome! i had to3miya, or falafel and they taste exactly like the ones in egypt, the bread though is a bit different, but that's ok - the mulukhiya is also excellent, but it is served without chicken or meat, not sure why - even the lupini beans starters were amazing, i love lupini so i can't complain..

the best thing on the menu is oum ali, the best oum ali you can ever have in kuwait! it comes with a problem though, it suffers from bad heating, one side of the desert comes really hot and the other side surprisingly cold! guys, your oven needs some serious maintenance please fix it.

i am definitely going back to c-omar for the koshari and fattah, which by the way is priced at 6.5 kd!! crazy!!!

c-omar is in avenues' old souk, next to cafe bazza.

Café Bazza: Great food, please don’t shoot!

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013


finally, i had the chance to try cafe bazza, it has been ages since i wanted to try this place as i've heard so much about it - no need to take you through the food, you probably have tried it already - if not, you can visit their website and check what they have - all i can tell you is that everything they have is awesome, i tried the local version of the hamburger, it is really good, but the portion is very, very tiny... not made for adults..

anyways, what i want to criticize is their sensitivity towards taking photographs of their menu & food - not sure what happened there, but suddenly and while i was taking a few shots of their menu, 2 guys came towards me and asked me to stop taking pictures - i explained that i am a blogger and that i need the pictures for my post, they said that it is not allowed to take pictures and that i have to take permission to shoot the food, but even though, i can't take the shots.

i don't understand this, the menu is on the website and is accessible to everyone, why forbid people from shooting the food? you have nothing to worry about buddies, your food is great you should be proud of it.

anyways, i took my shots, this is my food which i have paid for, i can do whatever i want with it - as for the menu i will not show it, i usually shoot it as a reference for the dishes' names, but now the story took a different angle so no need for that.

my advice to you guys is to let people enjoy your great food, not only by tasting it but by taking pictures too - that's not a crime, it's a compliment and a praise to your good kitchen.


Promoters. What’s your take?

Sunday, June 16th, 2013


different people have different views over promoters, especially my wife and i - whenever we go to the mall, especially at the avenues, promoters are there at the entrance to hand you a flyer, brochure or any promotional material - whilst my wife always welcomes them, takes whatever material they give her regardless if it interests her or not, i personally never even look at the promoters, i don't answer their questions and behave as if they are not there - i know it is a bit rude of me, but if i want something i know where to find it and i really don't give a penny about what they have to offer me.

my wife is always smiling at them, she sometimes stops and chats with them, i really don't have anything to say to them and wish they move out of my way!

guess she's going to heaven and me to hell :) i really don't like those promoters..

Ihop, better lunch than breakfast!

Sunday, June 9th, 2013


we arrived at ihop a bit late for breakfast, so we decided to have lunch instead and it was not a bad idea at all - anyways the place was packed, despite the huge space and the terrace.

we've never tried ihop before, so going through the menu was a feast to the eye.. we didn't know what to order as each item looked more delicious than the other - finally we made up our minds, and went for a big stake omelets, sirloin steak tips dinner and a pancake combo, with strawberry banana pancakes.

i don't want to dwell on each item, but all i can tell you that every single one of them was awesome, the food at ihop is more than what you'd expect, especially the pancakes - if i want to really be picky, then i'd say that the appetizers were average, the onion rings were a bit stiff, they'd break at the sight of the fork!

ihop prices are very reasonable too, so we'd recommend you pay them a visit - the food is so good you wouldn't want to stop, so we recommend it for lunch and not for breakfast :)

UNO Chicago Grill? Neither hot, nor cold!

Sunday, May 26th, 2013


we've been in a lot of restaurants, some were good, some were bad, some were so-so, but very few actually puzzled us like uno - it's the first time we feel at loss of opinion, the portions are great, the food looks awesome, but when it comes to the taste, it's all a mix of average, good & bad.

take the spinach & artichoke dip for instance, the taste was ok, but the sauce was too much and low spinach - the muchos nachos were ok, but a bit cold and oily, the main course was also strange, the salmon had a great sauce and the veggies were succulent, but the fish was a bit dry and overcooked - the broccoli chicken alfredo was ok, nothing special and the burger had all great stuff but the bun was dry - even the soft drinks were a bit weird, it was the first time in years that i order a refill, the coke was so light it felt as if i was drinking water!

not sure what to say about uno, i can't tell you it was great and i can't tell you it was bad.. bottom line i don't think i'll go there again, unless someone insists then i won't say no.

Meet The Bagel Bar

Thursday, May 9th, 2013


we were invited to the opening of bagel bar at the avenues phase 3, so we went there unassuming as the brand is a total stranger to us - the place is quite nice, cool decoration with lots of bagels all around the coffee-house, even the walls are decorated with all kinds of bagels.

there was a table with samples for tasting, so we tried a variety of bagels all awesome! the burger bagel was super, i would highly recommend that, so was the salmon - the chicken fillet was also very good and the italian rocked!

bagel bar also serves soups and salads with a variety of desserts, they even have meringue if you crave them - the menu sign is very cool, it has some animated pictures and switches from english to arabic every few seconds - the menu sign brings us to the pricing strategy, and here's the turnoff! a bit more than 2 kd for a bagel, frankly one bagel is not enough so you need at least 2 to satisfy your hunger and that's not cheap!

we'll definitely go back and take our time to savor what bagel bar has to offer, last night was a real quicky..

Meet awesome Ben’s Cookies

Monday, April 15th, 2013


what does charlie and the chocolate factory have in common with ben's cookies? the answer is a bit of a stretch, but here it is - it's quentin blake, the illustrator of the book also created ben's logo - but that's not the only thing that makes the place so awesome, it's the unbelievably freshly cooked cookies! i strongly believe they are the best cookies in town today, so if you're a sucker for cookies, you know where to go!

ben's cookies has been open for a few months at the avenues phase 3, first floor - you can buy their cookies in a box, a tin or by pieces and they come in 14 different flavors.

An inspiring Harvey Nichols gift bag!

Sunday, April 14th, 2013



i got a call a couple of days ago from a delivery guy asking about our house address - i wasn't home so i asked him what is it that he is delivering, so he goes, a gift from harvey nichols - i asked him to wait for a few minutes to check if my wife is home and promised to call back.

i called my wife and checked if she was going out but she had no plans for the day, so i told her that i am sending her a surprise gift - i called the delivery guy, told him my wife is home waiting for the package - a few minutes later, my wife calls back all happy and dandy and thank me for the lovely bag - she wondered though why am i sending her a gift a few days before her birthday and why the 965malls sticker? i had to think quickly so i told her that i used some of the little money we had in our blog account to buy her this gift as an appreciation for her hard work, so it worked, or i thought it did..

i kept silent enjoying for a few hours, but when i got home i was caught red-handed while taking pictures of the bag - i was planning to make her discover my prank on the blog the next day, but the plan failed miserably! so this is the end of my side of the story, my wife will take over from here.

thank you my lovely and thoughtful husband, you know you can't hide the truth!! not sure what you enjoyed most, your short-lived prank or the long night sleep on the floor :) i was suspicious all along but gave you the benefit of the doubt..

i would like to thank "harvey nichols", read my lips, "harvey nichols" for the lovely thursday friday (t/f) bag, i really loved it - and now i love it even more as the budget for my birthday gift has just increased :)

if you like the t/f bags just visit harvey nichols store at the avenues phase 3 to check the lovely collection - or follow their facebook page here to stay up to date with their latest news.

Groovy baby, yeah!

Thursday, April 11th, 2013


crocs have launched a new store & a new retro collection at the avenues - for this occasion, an event was organize in a funky 70's theme, that looked pretty much like an austin powers movie.

everyone was there, alotta fagina, felicity shagwell, foxy cleopatra & dixie normous ;) old disco music was playing in the background, from bee gees to abba.. a crystal ball hanged from the store's ceiling just like a 70's night club, all what was missing is a floor light and a dancing stage!

the graphic walls around the store were also awesome, they reminded me of the flower power culture and the old colorful graffiti - props were even made ready for people to wear and take some hilarious souvenir pictures, we loved that part! a guy from shenoya3ni was the mc of the evening, he looked really groovy in his 70's makeover and green outfit.

so if you like retro stuff, just visit crocs and check out the foxy retro collection of flip-flops, clogs and mary janes.. i'm sure you'll love them - the store is located on the first floor of phase 3 around kidzania.

thanks to bensirri pr for the invite, we really enjoyed it especially that we grew up in the 70's..

grrrrrrrrrrooooovy baby.... yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

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