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One of us can’t read!

Sunday, July 21st, 2013


though i am in beirut relaxing, a friend sent me this press release which appeared in alqabas last wednesday and asked me to check the video on youtube - at first i wondered what was wrong, i watched the video twice but i did not notice anything, but then it strikes me, the number of views was a far cry from what was communicated in the press release, the number were somewhere between 10,000 and 13,000 and not 90,000!!

anyway, i gave the subject a few days and visited kfh's youtube channel again yesterday, but the number of views was still on a different planet, 15159 as scene in the snapshot below.


what's ironic is that the press release talks about the bank wanting to forge a relation of trust with its customers during the holy month of ramadan! i guess the first step towards that goal is to be transparent with the customers and the public at large, when it comes to the social media conversions.

any other explanation on this? i am quite puzzled! you can check the video here.

update: kfh was referring to humood alkhudher's youtube channel and not the bank's - that page has the numbers right, you can check the video here.

thanks for the update waleed.


Wednesday, May 29th, 2013


i wonder when i will stop reading strange stories, like this one on arabtimes online - imagine that there's this transvestite who got marred to a woman just to please his old mom, then 3 months later his so-called wife, whom he never touched, deliver a baby and claims that it is his - this guy never touched his wife and because of her weight he couldn't even tell that she was carrying a child - now the lawyers are in to solve this issue, though he has good intentions he doesn't want the child..

i wonder what people can go through to please their mothers, fathers and family members... isn't it time for people to do what they think is good for them? at the end of the day it is their lives, their future and though it does matter what family thinks, but they should never put such pressure and push their children to make such stupid moves!

you can read more on this here.

Weird ads!

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

1   1.pdf


i came across the above ads and found them really weird! the first for fasttelco, though i had seen some good ads produced for them before, this one left me with a negative feeling despite the fact that it should say speed - the girl is so uncomfortable the ad almost say annoying speed - exaggeration is good, but when it is badly produced with "can't act models" and staged photography the results turns out bad, real bad..

the second ad is for gulf bank.. wth??!! seriously! you picked national & liberation day to wrap the kuwaiti flag around the chest of a foreigner's statue!! moreover, the flag looks like a floater and this guy seems to be holding it tight for fear of sinking..

my husband is in advertising, i wonder what he has to say about these ads :)

A brothel right next door?

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

there’s this café next to our house called volume café, it opened not long ago and enjoyed instant success - we were really curious about this unprecedented success in our rather calm neighborhood, until we sensed something fishy - the kind of women frequenting this café looked somehow "unconventional" and some of them simply stood across the café awaiting to be picked up by a stranger's car.

we asked around, and the "hares" told us that this is a brothel in disguise, guys and girls meet at this café and the prices start from kd 50 upwards! we did not believe this story until yesterday, when i personally bumped into a police patrol around the café, checking up every car - what was also alarming, is the sight of some girls walking out of the café trying hard to avoid that police patrol…

it seems the rumors are true, may be it’s time we move out of this street!

Hate double standards!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

i was driving back home yesterday and spotted kim's billboards on the streets, then i wondered why all this fuss about this porn star... personally, i think she is an ugly paris hilton wannabe and i don' t understand why some people are so crazy about her..

anyways, people have different tastes so i'm not gonna stop at that, but what really surprises me are the authorities who regulate with an iron fist the quality of stars, singers and music bands coming to kuwait for public shows - how did they give a porn star permission to visit kuwait? is kim's visit more prestegious than say, a rock band?

below is kim's blog coverage, i subscribe to q8blend's post and his picture :)

banana q8

expat and the city



Marmalade & Fresh onions

Monday, July 9th, 2012

i read this strange story on arabtimes about this guy who basically wears several hats, a plumber by day, a tutor in the evening and a thief by night! i kind of wondered what a strange combo! i mean if you are a tutor, then you must have some kind of vocation to do something good whilst being a thief is at the other extreme end - spreading knowledge and spreading fear are two completely opposite things, delivering a message with patience and making a quick buck do not match!! as for giving it so contradicts with taking...

how can this guy be all these things together? that sounds exactly like a marmalade & fresh onions sandwich! what a mess...

Our reader has a point of view!

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

one of our loyal readers, "FkwtRM", sent us this story he spotted in arab times which basically teaches the reader how to take care of a marijuana at home, unintentionally of course - at first, we took the story with a pinch of suspicion, but when we read the full story, we found that he has a strong point of view!

the paper could have told the story of the young man without details, but instead it describes every single aspect of how he grew the plants in-house, from the lighting and ventilation, to temperature, placement, etc.. then it continues with a few words on the drying and the mix with tobacco!

way to go arab times! next article how to make home wine?

you can read the full article here.

thanks for the story FkwtRM.

Splendid parking picnic at 360 Mall..

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

we were at the 360 yesterday and as we drove out of the mall, we spotted a group of ladies sitting on the parking lawn, having lunch!! wth?? we couldn't believe our eyes!! we often rant about people who have barbecues on gulf road but this is even worse! why do people picnic just anywhere they find verdure and how civilized is this scene?

people!!! this is a damn parking lot!!! do you know how much carbon dioxide you are inhaling with every bite you take??? are you aware of the harmful particulates stirred up by the passing cars? wake up!!!

thank god this ladies day-out didn't involve kids!!

Should this go into Guinness World Records?

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

if you scroll down this page, only 5 posts down (we don't have to hyperlink the post), you will read news on a smoking ban in restaurants and cafés - BUT, i just read on 248am that the ministry of health withdrew the resolution today, as reported on box news - reason why? the law would be impossible to implement!!!

i subscribe to mark's question: "can we also cancel the ban on running red lights and the ban on speeding since those two seem impossible to implement as well?"

guess we need to revisit that map!

Elevator Etiquette 101

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

we were at the international clinic yesterday for yet another check-up - we took the lift from the second floor down to the ground floor - as we reached level zero the doors opened, my husband walked out, but a woman blocked my way as she stubbornly insisted to walk in - i stood in front of her completely stunned, she didn't have the decency to let me out first - i thought well, may be she had an emergency.. but the same thing happened again 10 minutes later on our way up and with a different woman.

this behavior is so common around here it drives me crazy! whether you are in a mall, in a hospital, or visiting friends, some people can't wait for the person to exit the elevator, they simply storm in even if the cabin is full.. and if you ever complain, they give you attitude as if it is their right to walk in first!

so i did some research on elevator etiquette and found this interesting article that you can read here - elevator etiquette 101 confirms my views as it says:

Let’s not get anxious: Scenerio: You've been waiting forever to get on the elevator.  OK, maybe you've really only been waiting 30 seconds, but wow, that just seems like forever.  I understand you might get really excited when the elevator arrives, but stay calm.  First, let's wait for the door to open.  After the door opens, PAUSE, and look in the elevator.  Is there someone in there?  If the answer is "yes" then you need to wait for that person to get off the elevator.  You see, when you rush to jump on the elevator you block the person already on the elevator from getting off.  This delays things and we don't like delays, right?  Sometimes the person on the elevator gets caught in the door.  This is awkward and dangerous.  Just staying calm and pausing before getting on the elevator can prevent so many problems.

let me add one more perspective to this dilemma - people inside the cabin are actually very anxious to get out and for different reasons - some people are claustrophobic, some are shy, some are not comfortable being with strangers invading their private space, so PEOPLE LET US OUT FIRST!!! because if you don't, i am walking all over the person who will stand in my way!

WTH underwear brand!!

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

a friend sent me this picture taken at american eagle, marina mall - aerie is an underwear brand by american eagle but in arabic, it means something completely different, well close to underwear but not exactly!!

you can visit aerie's facebook page here or follow aerie on twitter here.

Valentine’s a bit early this year at Sultan Center

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

someone once said: "gifts must affect the receiver to the point of shock" - i guess sultan center is following the saying to the dot as i found this valentine gifts corner while i was shopping yesterday at the salmiya branch - though it is 5 weeks to valentine, i thought what if i surprise my love with something shocking? then i dropped this stupid thought immediately as i was gifted with a wise moment of lucidity.

another guy once said: "the greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention", so wake-up guys, it is 5 weeks to valentine's!

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