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Google Earth timelapse Dubai 1984-2012

Friday, May 10th, 2013


i came across this amazing google earth dubai coast annual timelapse from 1982 till 2012 - it's incredible how this coast has changed in just 20 years! you can check the link here.

A wake-up call by Alnowair

Thursday, March 21st, 2013


we've been blogging for 2 and a half years and this is probably one of the most interesting & well thought events we've ever attended - the idea is already brilliant, bringing positivity to kuwait, and the execution is so cleverly done it builds a story and feeds into the theme very smoothly - the invitation card already told a great deal about the event and the people behind it..

alnowair event took place in an old villa in salmiya, dusty rusty but oozing charm and beauty, the contrast created by the beautiful designs and journey made all the difference - the first station of the journey started with bright yellow umbrellas, the color of sunshine, associated with happiness creativity and enlightenment - the following step was a yes/no illusion, basically it's about training your brain to see the positive in negative things, to see the yes in the no - i think it is a great insight that we, as a family, have learned the hard way - but now we know that when negative things happen to us, they happen for a reason, and most of the time it's a positive one - we learned that everything changes when you look at negative events in retrospect, sometimes you go ah! now i see.. thank god it happened that way! this step also has a nice surprise, but i promised not to reveal it so i'll keep quiet :)

helium balloons station came next, basically it's about letting go of your grudge, hang it to a helium balloon and let it take all that negative energy away - i couldn't think of a grudge so i skipped this station, good news i guess :)


and since i am not exercising nowadays, i also skipped the hopscotch station dedicated to leading an active lifestyle, which makes you a happier person - the flowers station was cool, dedicated to kindness that make people happy - there were some flowers planted in that station for visitors to share with each other and i guess i found the right person who truly deserved a "positive flower", the wonderful woman behind this initiative - my next station was the gratitude wall, it seems that gratitude encourages you to find some goodness in your life, so i wrote down my gratitude and posted it on the wall, the answer was a no brainer, my wonderful family.


i won't dwell on each and every station, however one of the interesting corners was called pencil - basically it has been proven that if you bite on a pencil, you kind of force yourself to smile and your brain will associate your face muscles action with the feeling of pleasure, hence you will automatically feel better.. never knew that!


the last step was a summary wall with an invite to stamp "like" on your best station - for me it was the yes/no station as i personally related to it - though our blog is not the epitome of positivity, i signed the pledge to spread positivity - mind you our goal has always been to change things for the better, even when we harshly complain..

thank you alnowair for the invite, this is truly a brilliant idea that will grow in giant strides - wonderful event, beautifully organized.

Meet Marina Mall’s Harlem Shake

Monday, February 25th, 2013

for those who have been following the harlem shake craze, here's one from kuwait and specifically from the first mall to do this, marina mall - it's not that crazy, but way to go marina mall for doing this, be it your initiative or a simple endorsement.

Sucking up :)

Thursday, February 14th, 2013


every couple has its ups and downs, marriage is never a walk in the park, but what is important is a solid foundation, based on love - we've seen a lot of friends divorce, some of them are even close relatives, however my wife and i made it through thick and thin for 16 years...

this is not my gift to you, you will get it today, but i just want to tell you i love you and that if i had to marry you again i will not even hesitate.

(hope she gets me a nice gift following this post)

Setting a good example

Sunday, January 20th, 2013


what would you do if you are a street cleaner and have around 1.5 million dollars? naturally, you'd take a break... not for this 53-year-old chinese woman - i am sure some of you have read her story, but we still want to commend her for what she is doing, setting an example for her family and the whole world.

i always wondered what my life would be if i had millions of dollars but when i think of it i get lost, suddenly my routine gets disrupted and my conclusion has always been to continue whatever i am doing for a while until the new situation sinks in - however this woman is setting a new perspective to millionaires at work, if you're interested in her story you can read more here.

what would you do if you win millions?

Awesome gesture!

Monday, December 31st, 2012


my son spotted this awesome picture on facebook and we'd like to end the year on this hopeful story - the sign over the bread bags says "whoever is in need of bread and cannot afford to pay for it, may take it for free!"

wish everyone thinks of the needy in 2013 and help them in any way or form they can, just like this thoughtful bakery in tripoli, northern lebanon.

Vinyl is back!

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012


since 2007 vinyl has been gaining popularity again and 2011 has seen a significant jump in sales versus a decline for cds, though the numbers are still shy, we can say that vinyl is back! at virgin megastores, there is a dedicated stand for vinyl, lady gaga's record is selling at 35 us dollars (2 records, 4 sides) - michael buble's record is selling at 27 usd (1 record 2 sides).


the vinyl's trend has also ignited vinyl record players sales - i found many brands at virgin's, teac, lenco and the above numark, selling at 378 us dollars - i've always loved vinyl, it is like a cult to me with its vibrant colored designs and the amazing sound quality - i found some interesting articles on this subject that you can read below:

the vinyl revival

vinyl may be final nail in cd coffin

the secrets of high-quality vinyl record

To share with every smoker

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

i found this brilliant ad on facebook and shared it with my friends - but since i can't get it off my head, i decided to post it on the blog and share it with you, so you can in turn share with every smoker you know - i won't talk much, enjoy the simplicity of the message and its execution.

Kuwait d’Azur!

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

for those who believe these pictures were taken somewhere in europe, say the côte d'azur, then they're dead wrong! this is old salmiya's souk, where the typical low-cost popular lingerie shops are accessible to every passing woman - i've been there before with a friend, but never thought of posting as i never had the guts, so here i am sharing these interesting stuff you find in the most unexpected places - i'll start with the simple things, above are 2 role-play costumes, a "hero girl" that comes with a red cape, and a "cow girl" costume with a cropped tie top & bola tie..

then there was this funny "mary lost her sheep" costume with a bonnet, an under-wired bra top with puffed sleeves and a staff!

for those who are seeking a zest of excitement, there's this "officer frisk me" costume that comes with a zipper front shirt, belt, baton and handcuffs! kinky!!

are you in a secret love affair? not to worry, there's this perfect FBI costume just for you!! it comes with an embroidered FBI cap, a zipper front romper and a belt.

i was wondering why this bee costume is taking center stage, but then it struck me! care for some sweet honey?

at the other corner stood that wild black horse! forgive me, but looking at the straps i could only think of wild horses!

then there was this apron.. coffee, tea, or me? seriously??? in kuwait? well, i love this but how can this be sold in kuwait, it beats me..

if you think this is over think again, because i kept the best for last! this one up there says: "my precious love (on the bra), every part of me misses you (on the skirt).. WTH???

as for the cream on top, it was that remote-controlled red underwear! to the best of my knowledge, sex gadgets are forbidden in kuwait, if someone is caught at the airport with a vibrator or a dildo, he faces colossal troubles - so how can these be sold in a store at the heart of salmiya's old souk and in broad day light?

some things are simply beyond me.. seriously, how can a bunch of cds and videos be banned from virgin megastores when all this is still happening just a few blocks away?

i miss virgin, but it seems kuwait d'azur doesn't!

Brilliant idea!

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

here's a csr (corporate social responsibility) idea that is different, impactful, creative and meaningful - tamanna is an organization that grants children with critical illnesses their special wishes to give them joy, strength and hope - tamanna has granted kids with more than 970 wishes at the rate of 3 per week, and 8 years old carmen who is fighting cancer, was recently granted her ipad christmas wish in a rather special way!

fantastic idea and brilliant delivery - this raises awareness for the organization as well as hope for the kids, i love it!

Awesome Star Trek google doodle

Friday, September 7th, 2012

google has launched this awesome doodle on the occasion of star trek's 46th anniversary - the animation carries a story or scene from the movie which google decided to launch a day earlier than the exact airing date so people would have the time to discover it.

google letters look like star trek crew members, they're so funny... i played with this animation several times and discovered a few tricks which you can see above.

you can read more on mashable tech.

Villas on shopping malls roof tops?

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

i came across this interesting article on mail online, showing villas being built on shopping malls roof tops - those villas sit on top of an 8 level mall in zhuzhou china and people never noticed them!

enjoy the article, i'm off to beirut, will be posting from there for a few days.

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