Censorship cuts lead role out from an entire movie!

i received this story from nader which i would like to share:

i decided to go to the cinema with my friends, although some were against the idea because of the censorship, however we all agreed to give it a shot since the movie we picked to watch was for a change, an arabic one - after all arabic movies are conservative & self-censored so we weren't expecting much to be cut

here's what happened - we booked a movie called "helm aziz" starring 2 main egyptian actors "ahmed ezz" and "shereef mounir" but throughout the whole movie we didn't even see shereef mounir!! supposedly every time ahmed ezz goes to sleeps, his father (shereef mounir) visits him in his dreams and makes pranks on him, but every time we reach to that part, the scene is cut until ahmed ezz wakes up! so basically, we haven't seen shereef mounir in the whole movie, who is what the movie is all about!!

we didn't understand anything because the movie was about what is happening in the dreams - it ended in like 1 hour and 20 minutes and lately all egyptian movies are within 2 hours so we are looking into 40 minutes of censorship!! SO WHY SHOW THE MOVIE IN THE FIRST PLACE?? we got really frustrated and decided not to watch movies in kuwait again..

same thing had happened when i watched pirates of the caribbean part 4 where they removed the mermaid scenes which were also important, but at least that might be a bit justifiable because of the partial nudity, however this is an arabic movie.. what's wrong with the dreams scenes??

all i can think of right now is why don't cinescape mention on every movie poster the amount of minutes removed from the movie, and it's up to the us to watch the movie or not, because seriously such decisions really ruined our night..

thanks for the story nader, i guess mentioning censorship time on movie posters is a great idea, but cinescape will never agree to it as this will discourage a lot of people from watching certain movies.

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    1. Shameless says:

      Cinescape is bull!! I mean EVERYONE can just download any movie or buy the DVD with NO censorship…so people start to go less and less to cinemas… Besides, even kids know when a movie is cut and why…they attract more attention to those scenes!

    2. PKG says:

      man, the day cinescape actually does that.. heh.. they wud never do that.. will cut down on their profits big time.. but i agree it is soooooooooooo frustrating when they cut out scenes which are actually important to understand the whole movie.. i wish they wud do what nader suggested, so that we (the audience) wudnt waste our time and money.. n end up wid a bad experience..

    3. mariam says:

      I have refused to go to the movies in Kuwait for many years. The last time I went to the movie was when I took my children to see the movie 'Ants' and they cut the scene at the end when the two ants kissed. The audience of mainly Kuwaitis boo'd. Hey, islamic censorship department, the ants aren't real!! Nor are mermaids, so Nader don't justify their stupidity, they go way beyond censorship to the point that they look like total idiots. And don't censor my comment, 965malls, I'm sure many people agree with me. Kuwait always tries to portray itself as this conservative society, and when you delve into the society, it's not.

    4. 965malls says:

      Hi Mariam – we don’t censor comments unless people use abusive language – so far so good

    5. KhaledA says:

      it seems the scenes show ahmed ezz standing between heaven and hell, watching his father on the straight path to heaven and some of his friends going to hell – apparently those scenes were not positively received by radical religious islamist groups, hence the censorship.

    6. 965malls says:

      censorship or not, personally I don’t really care – when you’re passionate about movies nothing stands in your way – nothing beats that experience, watching a movie in the theatre + pop corn & soda!! during the summer, I often go alone and watch mire than a movie at a time, it will be better without the cenaorship, but that’s life – I wish though they can put the AC a bit sown, theaters are huge freezers in Kuwait and without a jacket or long sleeve shirts, u basically turn into an ice cube…

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