Cheap sex!

every time i read arabtimes i wonder why most stories revolve around sex - like yesterday's stories for instance were about a live sex show, chastity lost in a relationship, bangladeshi pimp abducts women for prostitution and girl kidnapped, raped by boyfriend!

however, another story was eye-popping, about women charging kd 5 in return for sex! i couldn't believe how cheap that price is, are they like on sale? or is the prostitution market suffering from higher supply than demand, like the drugs industry?

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    1. narine says:

      hahahahahahahahahahahahahah ON SALE!!!!!!! LOL I think it's competition. but seriously I'm so sick of the newspapers here. Specially when they mention the nationality of the heroes in their news. WTF? The country is already a nest for racism, and on top of that newspapers promote it too. I know not related to your topic, but it's been on my mind for a very long time, I felt to urge to release it here ;)

    2. Cheapdate says:

      Now tell me Rose that you charge more than this?

    3. 965malls says:

      be our guest narine, take the lid off! I’m sure you’re feeling better now :)

    4. Mary says:

      Because the law enforcement are not tackling prostitution that seems to be rampant and is being conducted openly in this country from the frozen food aisles of grocery stores to the shisha cafes of Salmiya, it appears to me that it is obvious what needs to be done to curb this phenomenon in Kuwait. On a compassionate side of this issue, what do you expect these poor women to do when you abscond from your employer and run to your Embassy that refuses you shelter (ie. the Ethiopian women also an article in AT), then you have the women who are charging the going rate in Jaleeb Al Shouk (read this article also in AT) as stated above because if they don't 'hit the streets' they starve. So could it be the consequence of thrusting 150,000 trafficked people by illegal visa traders on the streets of Kuwait in a country with high unemployment? Inappropriate decision of an Embassy to shelter their nationals in crisis? A inefficient police force not willing to tackle the growing phenonmenon in Kuwait that is widespread?

    5. Mary says:

      con't: I fear that the police, who may be willing to tackle the growing crime rate in this nation, especially prostitution, because there is not enough jail space in this country now to hold the amount of criminals that need to be behind bars. But what is confusing to me is that why would a nation want to allow taxi drivers who are not citizens of this nation to kidnap, human traffick women and children and pimp freely around the streets of Kuwait and not want to rid them from the country? Kuwait needs to get their act together because they're reputation is on the line internationally – they have got to tackle the growing crime rate in this nation and it may encompass building temporary holding facilities in the desert to house people until they can deport them back to their countries. How many illegals are in this nation? And people who's visas have expired for whatever reason should not be treated like common criminals, but they are violating the law, so there should be a separate hold facility for these people until they are deported. Currently, I think Kuwait could charter plane loads of people who are either criminals or have an illegal status in this nation. Maybe it would clear up the freeways on a more positive note!

    6. TKG says:

      I was wondering why the women are asking for 5 KD cards on WhosHere and Badoo and so on. Well prostitution and sex is a huge problem in Kuwait. If only everyone knew what happens behind closed doors. The youth are sexually frustrated and you see them daily on the 'love street' and Gulf Road driving up and down looking for a b**** to have sex with. They even go to mid/high schools to find girls. There are husband also who are cheating on their spouses by following immoral acts which would make anybody sick. If all these people were arrested and charged you would be shocked by the population that wouldn't be behind bars or deported. It is not about nationality here as quite a few of the people are lost in Kuwait. And the saddest news is that it is only increasing day by day. I personally think that sex is hyped in Kuwait and it depresses me because for one we are in a rich country that has money and sex should not be the only option out and two it is forbidden in Islam or any other religion and we are in a so called religious country.

    7. TKG says:

      What I feel very shocking is that the playing around is going on behind close doors as their scared to get caught for sure by parents or the law enforcers but they don't fear that God is watching them :o

      As you read in the newspaper people are getting caught but there is a lot more happening that we don't know about and not everyone can be caught. And the ones whom do get caught end up being freed. Kuwait should be second heaven for criminals after Brazil :D All I know is as it gets worse more people are going to leave as there is a limit to the crap one can take in life.

      Have you heard the latest? Young ladies are having sex as much as they can because when it comes time for marriage they can just go to Egypt to do an operation to close their hymen and everything is back to normal. The world is gone :( marriage as Kuwaitiful put it has lost its sparkle but in this case it is because you don't know who has or hasn't played around. I rather make as much money as I can and become a philanthropist then marry someone and have problems in my life. I could go on but nah this is enough for now.

    8. Rose says:

      @ Cheapdate – I am really offended by what you think of me! Seriously? I am not that cheap! 5 kd is an insult to me and every classy bitch in town. This is not acceptable, less than 1500kd is not acceptable ;)

      This role play is growing on me lol

    9. TKG says:

      1500KD!! That's it :p Ask for more Rose :) you're worth it

      Btw do the guys get discount for being part of this blog :p

    10. Rose says:

      I'm all yours my dear TKG, for free :)

    11. Rose says:

      Thank you dear ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    12. Pat says:

      Police? they are busy dealing with riots… getting their asses beaten, the last thing in their mind is prostitutes right now, i mean of course they do but in a different way

    13. TKG says:

      Thanks Rose but I wouldn't play around with you. I don't fool around :(

    14. Rose says:

      You don't know what you're missing babe :)

    15. oke says:

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