Chilled Kuwait Airways news!

whilst the airline is a wreck, the airplanes are on the brink of extinction and the government has no clue what to do with its national carrier, only kuwait airways’ cabin crew seem to know how to enjoy life to the max! how? by partying with men in maseelah, getting drunk and arrested on the way back!

man those ladies have balls!! working for the airline they must be fully aware that alcohol is strictly prohibited in kuwait, but they partied in spite! i don't know what happened to them, but if they ever get deported they'll be traveling as passengers for a change!

you can read the story on arabtimes here.

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    1. Pat says:

      Loool… That’s quite sarcastic…

      If I were a Kuwait Airways employee, I would drink my ass out to forget my worries :)

    2. Mary says:

      I flew KA twice, once with a new born baby from London where in a panic I handed the 'nazi' studardess the empty baby bottle as my baby cried because of air pressure and she threw it across the kitchette glaring at me with the typical KA evil eye. I swore never to fly them again but gave them one more try on a flight to Sri Lanka. To be spiteful I put my maid in business class so they had to wait on her, they were livid. Foreigners have boycotted this airline for over a decade. A travel agent told me that Kuwaitis will only fly them if the government is paying. They had to capture the labor market with direct routes to India and cheap air fares from India to the US via Kuwait to keep the airline afloat although this carrier is bankrupt. It was strongly rumored in the market that a high ranking official wanted to bid low on the carrier so it was orchestrated to run down the carrier so he could buy it cheap. Airlines are like diplomats, whenever they fly into a foreign country they represent the condition of that government. In this case, it states to the world that the Kuwait government is not functioning well. National carriers are important for National pride – Shame on you!

    3. 965malls says:

      i flew KA twice too, the first time when i came to kuwait in 99, it was ok, then in 2008 ti dubai for an interview, it was a pta and i couldn't change it, that day i was delayed for 4 hours and it was horrible – never again, not because of the delay, it happens with all airlines, but i don't feel safe stepping in those planes…

    4. Kman says:

      I don't blame them either… the least they can do is have a drink and forget the state of the wrecked airline ☹ ☹ ☹

    5. PKG says:

      hmmm.. are we the only (rich..!!) country in the middle east which doesnt have a flagship carrier..? I mean, look at most of the other national airlines in the middle east.. they are amazin.. Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad.. and soo many more.. r we the only ones that dont have a good one..?

    6. Zaid says:

      rich with such a bad carrier? yes, we take the top spot..

    7. kramnai says:

      Dear Mr. 965malls, i would like to address also wahts been inside of this junkie airline as my friend working in kasco which is kuwait aviation services company the subsidiaries of kuwait airways whic means still under kuwait airways, he was always complain the system of kasco, he is under employed ini kasco company and work in kuwait ariways corporation, the problem whenever there is a incentive kasco always excuse that he is working in kuwait airways when he address the issue to kuwaitairways , kuwait airwasy will tell ur in kasco hahahah so shame people, they have their own excuses to tell the staff of kasco who work in kuwait airways. this is so dissapointing and disgusting how their conscience accept this, did they still sleep at night? or maybe theyre numb. Mr. 968mall i would like kuwait ariwasy and kasco knows that theyre are still eating a human food, which all the necessity food were escalated from past lastt two weeks. hope kuwait airways aslo reach this message so they can cleanse their conscience and moral attitude that thier keeping whenever thier praying.

    8. 965malls says:

      what a way to treat their own employees!!

    9. krotothea says:

      last week we heard all kasco staff received bonuses simultaneously hearing the 50 Kd form minsitries. but we are part of KASCO they should give us at least the same although we work in kuwait airways they should remember us that we are under the bullshit company, some staff thinking that we cant get benefit from us coz we work in kuwaitairways what a shame. is that greediness or disicrimmination? i want kuwait airways wants to know what treatment that kasco treated their own employees. or maybe kuwait airways also is blind not to take care of it. thats why kuwaitairways cannot be a number 5 or enter in the top list of best airline coz of the corruption.

    10. Dude says:

      Dude! They don’t give a damn about the lives of their passengers, how do you expect them to care about tier employees??

    11. bokhaloodie says:

      will normally when I go to work i post.. because at home i cant be bother and I'm busy with the my kids. but sometimes i post maybe one post or two after the kids go sleep. but normally every morning if I'm free at work

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