Chinese inspiration and its side effects

i read a bunch of funny car sex stories in arabtimes - there's this couple who met in a mall then agreed to a car sex date, when they got caught, the girl said the guy promised her marriage, whilst he said he gave her kd 30 for her fees - in a different story, another couple were arrested in a jeep near a commercial complex where they were caught via a cctv camera.

this reminded me of this funny story from china, where a car dealer created this "hot" guide explaining how you should make love in various cars displayed in his showroom, all this to sell more cars...

though extremely popular, car sex in kuwait is strictly forbidden and we strongly recommend you don't engage in it, however if this brochure inspires you, make sure the vehicle is not chinese otherwise it will break over your heads and suffer from severe side effects...

so much for happy endings :)

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    1. TKG says:

      Haha car sex is the most popular in Kuwait because it is illegal and risky to get a room in a hotel.

      Why not try a brothel in Kuwait since there are so many 'apartments' :p

      Good Luck to the guys but I am still old school and will wait till marriage.

      Rose is going to love this post ;)

    2. Rose says:

      You bet TKG!!! not sure which car to choose?! can we try the cars.. i mean is there like an equivalent to a test drive, say a "screw-drive" or something? if we like it and find it comfy, then we buy it :)

    3. Rghz1 says:


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