Conflicting Wataniya Airways settlements news

well, to start with, there was an ad in the papers this week calling for an assembly general meeting on august 8th, on the agenda the future of the company - though i am sure nothing will come out of this agm, i read on the wataniya airways' staff facebook page that one of the captains received a court order in his favor - salma dabdoub in the above snapshot is the lawyer's secretary where a group of ex-wataniya staff have filed a suit against the airline.

this attorney has informed some of his clients that he has single-handily refused a 40% settlement by the airline, whereas another group received a more generous offer of 50% settlement - this guy on facebook is saying that this offer has been communicated via email by wataniya airways.

very fishy news from both groups, not sure what is happening here - the first group is also complaining from their lawyer saying he should have consulted them before refusing the 40% settlement.

nevertheless, this seems to be approaching a closure, i guess we'll get more news around october.

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    12 Responses to “Conflicting Wataniya Airways settlements news”

    1. Pat says:

      the saga will never end!

    2. Mary says:

      Shouldn't they file a suit against the CEO?

    3. 965malls says:

      CEO is no longer on the structure – he left long time ago

    4. trevor says:

      con't. I still have their tags on my luggage and I refuse to remove them. I contend that another discount carrier is needed in Kuwait to fill the gap – Jazeera just doesn't cut it. Same old bad managment, run down planes, but at least it flies into Terminal 1 in Dubai, so I put up with them. With the failure of KA and the poor conditions that Jazeera is flying, I think that another discount carrier is needed. I miss them immensely and I curse this nation everyday for letting it fail. Damn you Kuwait!

    5. Sarah says:

      Well I think these people should persevere and make the legal system in Kuwait work for them if possible. If not for the money, for the statement. The airline handled the breakdown of this carrier very poorly. It exhibited their lack of experience and their devotion to the success of the carrier and an important aspect to the success of any carrier is it's people.

    6. DanahB says:

      I miss wataniya airways, it was a true moment of civility as Trevor said

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