Countdown to Wataniya Airways’ fate – 10 days left

the countdown to the airline's fate begins, will it be an exit or a new entry to the market - the ministry of commerce and industry approved last thursday the date for wataniya airways' ordinary and extraordinary general assembly, which will be held on may 11, 2011.

a source revealed to al watan that the agenda of the general assembly will no longer include a proposal to reduce the capital, which was aimed at reducing the accumulated losses of the company, to protect ownership rights and upon the desire of many - the option to increase the capital by kd 15 million in order to restructure the company is however still on the table.

the source noted that there is some uncertainty on whether extraordinary general assembly will be held based on the fact that the quorum of 75 percent of shareholders must be reached - but the quorum may be attained as a large number of shareholders are expected to attend the general assembly to become aware of the company's future plans, considering its recent conditions including suspension of commercial operations and all flights since march 16, 2011 and the dismissal of all but 30 employees.

it is worth mentioning that the ministry of affairs froze wataniya's labour file, meaning that staff residencies, transferring visas, extensions and such are now being done by the ministry and not the company - this tells a lot about the level of credibility and trust the company has reached with the official authorities.

how can this company stand on its feet again? i seriously doubt it will ever resume operations, but i also hope they prove me wrong.

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    10 Responses to “Countdown to Wataniya Airways’ fate – 10 days left”

    1. Fred Jones says:

      Let us pray for the sake of the reputation of this nation, that Wataniya Airways resumes, because it was the greatest contribution to this country that corrected alot of the flaws in the airline industry when it was in operation. This country needs to provide a better image of itself and that is done through airline carriers. When a Kuwait carrier lands in a foreign country, it diplomatically represents the status of its government. If the airline is run down, it means the government is not functioning properly for the nation. The UAE has four carriers who recieve government support and they are all doing well. I remember one evening when famous Lebanese singers came off a Wataniya flight from Beirut at Sheikh Saad Terminal and the camera's were flashing – it was a happy occasion, it was a good carrier for the nation that paintied a more welcoming image for the state of Kuwait.

    2. Fred Jones says:

      Sure, there were alot of problems, but with new managment and more government controls, the airline can re-enter the market and learn from its errors. I wish the carrier all the best – I will be your first customer to welcome you back into the market. Best Wishes, Wataniya, you are good for the image of the nation, you just need to brush off your shoulders, apologize to a few people, and get back to work full throttle. Summer peak season is here!

    3. 7mood says:

      Well said Fred, we all hoped it got new managment instead of shutting down and putting 500 families out, It was badly managed and the timing was worse! They didn't give it a chance to stand up, and they stopped their operations just before peak season.. even for someone who doesn't understand about airlines, that was fishy. But we still hope for the best as many of us loved wataniya

    4. Walid says:

      We'll know soon.. 9 days to go!

    5. Mark says:

      Not to change the subject or the airline topic, but Jazeera Airways got a new terminal from the government? Is this true? It is in the paper. Where is the terminal and when will they open it? I hope they market the terminal which I felt Wataniya didn't do. Maybe all formative airlines can build there own terminals and leave the subcontinent carriers at KIA – I like this idea!

    6. 965malls says:

      Yes it’s true, but we don’t have details yet. We’ll update as soon as we know

    7. Shameless says:

      I liked the fact that Wataniya had its own terminal but what I missed most was the duty free and the cool cafés/rest. I really would like to see Jazeera Airways or Kuwait Airways bring this terminal back to life and add more to it. This will make it a lot better for both passengers and traffic

    8. Zaid says:

      Duty free??? That was pathetic!!! May be you meant the premium economy lounge? That was awesome!

    9. Wataniya says:

      Wataniya Airways Victims Group

      Travelers holding tickets from WATANIYA AIRWAYS for flights after March 16, 2011 demand full refund of their paid tickets!! Join this Group to organize our demand:

    10. Wataniya says:

      Wataniya Airways Victims Group

      Travelers holding tickets from WATANIYA AIRWAYS for flights after March 16, 2011 demand full refund of their paid tickets!! Join this Group to organize our demand:

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