Crazy ATM machine at Sultan Center left unattended

yesterday, i passed by sultan center around 5 pm and stopped by the atm machine to withdraw some cash - i put my card in and before i even got the chance to punch my password, a european guy jumps in screaming "stop... stop... it will steal your money"!

i canceled the operation and retrieved my card immediately - apparently, the european guy before me withdrew some money, and on his way home he gets an sms from the bank informing him of a further kd 500 withdrawal - he obviously panics, drives back to sultan center where he was informed that this mad machine snitched another victim earlier in the day.

if this was the case, why did sultan center leave the atm machine unattended? had the guy not warned me, i would have ended up being the 3rd victim of that lunatic machine!!

finally, sultan center ordered a security man to stand by the machine and guard it - but they only took action after repeated plead by the victim...

    5 Responses to “Crazy ATM machine at Sultan Center left unattended”

    1. Kevin says:

      Scary! Thanks for posting. Which area's Sultan Centre?

    2. 965malls says:


    3. Shameless says:

      So this is what we needed!! A stealing machine! As if human robbers aren't enough lol

    4. TKG says:

      Lool time for Skynet to take over :p

    5. 965malls says:


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