Crazy Box National collection

passed by marina mall today and spotted this national collection at crazy box - some nice stuff there..

    8 Responses to “Crazy Box National collection”

    1. Indifferent says:

      grrrrrrr…..why is the flag incorrect on the neck-tie? this bugs the hell out of me :s

    2. Gossiper says:

      It's fun i like this carnival mood…At least no foam!

    3. Pat says:

      ha ha ha can't even print the fag right !!! the right way to print the flag is all over the blogs !!

    4. Abdul says:

      pat…it's flag not fag! looooooooooool

    5. Pat says:

      Yeah whatever Abdul ! typo mistake, did not mean fag at all !

    6. lll says:

      hi , all
      any idea whether they do glass engraving

    7. 965malls says:

      no, not really, haven't asked them – but i think they are resellers and they don't commission engraving

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