Death perspectives!

i read a couple of stories on arabtimes online and what struck me is how both dramatic endings left me with opposite emotional states.

the first story is about this guy who jumped from the fourth floor and crashed on the ground when he was busted fooling around with a maid - his only exit was the window, but i guess he forgot that he simply can't fly! though the story ended in death, it was kind of "light-hearted"

as for the second one, it was about this woman who went to her husband and broke the amazing news of her pregnancy, however her husband only married her for sex, so he attacked her and as a result she miscarried! that one left me with a deep feeling of anger and discomfort - imagine this lady going to her husband carrying his baby and probably the best news a man can get, only to be treated with such brutality, she lost the fruit of her loins!

funny how death can trigger so many opposite feelings..

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    1. Pat says:

      speaking of perspectives, the best example us your previous post.. you meant something and some of your readers understood the complete opposite… Perspective!

    2. Shameless says:

      I call it stupidity…shallowness…dumbness…rudeness… ignorance… :) and I can go on @Pat some people don't know how to read…it's like when you have an exam and the kids don't understand the question so they're out subject

    3. Bahaar says:

      True, people have different perspectives and oposite emotions.
      After reading your post I felt deep sorrow for the guy in the first story. He just panic and ran away from consequence of his act. Now, His life is wasted with no chance to redeem himself and will face his God in a moment of sin.
      However, the lady in the second story have another chance to come out of her heartbreak, disappointment and depression and get pregnant hopefully from a better man. She is better off not bring a baby to this world with such a horrible man.

    4. Pat says:

      fantastic insights bahaar – thanks for sharing

    5. 7essa says:

      Sad, so sad.. What a waste in both stories :(

    6. Gossiper says:

      When you first read the stories you think about death and it's upsetting…then you look at it in a different way and notice that both men in those stories did bad things… as 7essa said it's sad

    7. There are lots of stories to read now the days. We can find on daily basis which are all about suicide attempts. We should try to convince people to stop these things.

    8. niceessays says:

      Death perspectives are thinking processes of the new tinge. If the person dies naturally due to medical reasons, and if the person dies accidental eventual perspective coined. The verdict of the doctor on death perspective is always intriguing and interesting.

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