Don’t touch my Madeleines!


i was at 360 yesterday so i passed by géant to buy some stuff, including some madeleines - i reached the cash register, and somehow the cashier managed to drop the madeleines on the conveyor belt - the helper's first reaction was to pick up the cakes one by one with his bare hands and put them back in place, then with all confidence the cashier scans the box as if nothing has happened.

i couldn't believe my eyes! so i stopped the girl and told her to get me another madeleines box - she asks the helper to ho get a similar one from the bakery corner - the helper takes the box, but again i had to stop him and order him to leave it within my sight and go get me a new one - the girl tried to convince me of their good intentions, but how can i trust someone who doesn't even find anything wrong with touching food after dealing with cash and trolleys day long!

finally, i got my new madeleines box just as i wanted, but i am sure the filthy one got sold to someone else! i urge géant to train their cashiers/helpers and teach them not to touch any food at the cashier - it will be a good idea to put some gloves around and let them be used for that matter.

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    1. MM99 says:

      What nationality was she, EXactly!

    2. manafo says:

      I never buy food from giant and lulu hyper. really bad expirence as well.

    3. syed says:

      Do u think that the food you eat at restaurants is never touched by "hand"? Watch those numerous cooking shows of the highest standards and how many of them wear gloves??? If for any reason you cook food for your spouse, don't you touch the food???
      Hygiene comes first but why make a fuss out of it?

    4. Hiba103 says:

      There's touching and touching… chefs do touch food with their bare hands but at least they wash them first(I hope) And when you cook at home I really hope that you wash your hands after driving home from the supermarket or coming out of the toilet… Just saying :) I really don't know how the cashier touched the Madeleines but it's so obvious that there's no hygiene at all here

    5. 965malls says:

      I really don't mind the nationality of the person as long as they're clean and have a little sense of hygiene while manipulating my food

    6. 965malls says:

      Agreed with Hiba103 :) the food was touched in a so disgusting way, each and every single Madeleine which fell on the counter was touched and put back in the box. For one the counter isn't clean after having so many items and boxes running on it, and for two the person didn't mind selling me the box again after handling food with dirty hands… When you go to a bakery they use gloves to pick your items, or when you are home and cooking you wash your hands many times. I have kids and I teach them how to be clean not to get viruses and bacteria.. so I bring viruses home for them to eat?

    7. manafo says:

      absurd comment… these conveyor belts at super markets are really dirty, imagine how many items are put over them, chicken,raw meat, Clorox, soup, shoes, lubricants, etc, etc. add to that the dirty hands of the cashier, I have seen some cashiers wearing plastic gloves, because their job involves handling the register/money/various items, all are not clean.

      its not a matter of touching the food with hands, its a combination of dirty environment + dirty hands, although this is bound to happen in restaurants behind the scene, especially fast food, but that doesn't make it ok, if you see it.

      imagine, in a drive through before the guy hands you out your burger it falls on the counter, they put it back together and hand it down gain to you. so why make a fuss, just eat it, it was touched by hands, says syed ….

    8. 965malls says:

      well, while in canada, we visited 5 guys burger where we had one of the best burgers ever – after receiving the burgers, we realized that they are too big, so we asked the guys preparing the food at the counter to cut the burgers in half – they refused, saying that their policy is not to receive the food back in once it has left the working place, instead they gave us a knife to cut the food ourselves.

      if my burger falls at the counter and the food is out and about, i will not eat it! let's learn from 5 guys!

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    11. Luvie says:

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