Easter Egg hunt at Sultan Center?

when i was a kid, i used to anxiously anticipate the long-awaited easter egg hunt - with baskets in hand, every kid was ready to hit the ground running.

back then everything was simple and the choices were limited - when buying chocolate eggs, you could choose between a red, yellow, blue or green easter egg - product development was very basic and choosing the size of the egg was "the" big thrill! i remember those giant chocolate eggs that we bought occasionally, they used to make our day..

so much has changed... i went to sultan center yesterday to pick-up some chocolate eggs and i was shocked by the variety and the range available in a 4 X 4 square meter corner - i was so lost i didn't know what to pick: hershey's, milka, kit kat, m&m, cadbury, smarties, bueno, mars, lindt and many many more brands had a dedicated range of products especially made for easter! this year's choice was overwhelming and they all looked great - with a basket in hand and blinded by the multitude of choice, i felt as if i was in an easter egg hunt at sultan center..

finally, and after spending like half an hour at that corner, i decided to buy one of each and headed home, a bit nostalgic for the good old days when i only had to make a choice between a red, blue, yellow or green easter egg.

happy easter everybunny :)

    4 Responses to “Easter Egg hunt at Sultan Center?”

    1. Pinkish says:

      YUM YUM !! I would have picked them all, love those hershey's they look fantastic

    2. Moza says:

      OMG! I wish I could eat them all :)

    3. Zaid says:

      Mmmm, m&m's

    4. Kman says:

      I remember how simple life was, not long time ago so the readers don't think we are a bunch of older people.. but choice has really become a hurdle and not advantage ///

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