Evil eye almost triggered a crime!

according to arab times and alshahed daily, an angry kuwaiti man walked into the jahra police station and, what is believed to the first incident of its kind in kuwait, narrated a very strange incident also the first of its kind, and threatened to kill his neighbor saying the man has an ‘evil’ eye and has caused him many unsustainable problems, he also sought police help to prevent him committing the crime - the man added he renovated his house and it caught fire, he went on to say he bought a new car for his son and the engine gave way and then his wife gave birth to twins and they died.

police could do nothing but still they summoned the neighbor and narrated the story - he denied the charge and said all that he can do now is every time he sees the neighbor he will say ‘Allah bless you’ - the problem was solved amicably.

    4 Responses to “Evil eye almost triggered a crime!”

    1. Danah says:

      looool, typical !!

    2. aileenacavali says:

      Hope it has Nothing to do with the "Evil Eye" … lol
      strange story. Me myself I happen to be very much into the Evil Eye as Protection.

      Thanks for the story!!

    3. 965malls says:

      good luck to you…

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