Evil eye strikes again!

almost 2 years ago, we wrote about this guy in jahra who walked into the police station and threatened to kill his neighbor, with a strong evil eye! the man reported renovating his house which later caught fire, he bought a new car for his son and the engine gave way and then his wife gave birth to twins and they died...

yesterday, i read a similar story on arabtimes, where police arrested a gcc citizen for assaulting a bedoun man with an evil eye! it seems that the suspect bought a new car and when the victim looked at it, it stopped working... the suspect admitted to the charge and said even the neighbors know that the man has an evil eye!

stories like these crack me up... how can you prove such things? hello... there's something called coincidence? being at the wrong place at the wrong time?!

i've had some bad luck lately, shall i blame it on the great evil eye?? don't believe in this s**t!

    8 Responses to “Evil eye strikes again!”

    1. Pat says:

      I'm surprised! with all what has been happening to you and your wife in past few years, you still don't believe in bad eye? man there are colossal ones above your head and you don't see them!?

    2. 965malls says:

      it's all good – though a lot of friends told us the same, i still don't believe in evil eyes – i guess if you do you succumb to their bad influence :)

    3. Ninoz says:

      How'bout you go buy a couple of Angel eyes to protect you or Angels haven't created those yet?

    4. 965malls says:

      I believe they exist, and they are there for free protecting every soul on earth including us, otherwise things would have been much much worse…

    5. TKG says:

      I don't know about evil eye (but my family does) but I guess you can say this is Karma biting his bottom. It could be a physiological thing.

      You know how you can tell this isn't possible. It is Ramadan time and the Devil himself is chained up > How could there possibly be any evil lurking around :p

      I say people should stop blaming and start thinking about what they say ;)

    6. Moe22 says:

      I tell you how this IS possible, look at the parliament ;-)

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    8. Ferdina says:

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