Evil parents go to hell!

for the second time in a matter of weeks, we hear tragic news from lebanon revolving about the same subject, parents beating their children to death! the first story was about parents who killed their 8 months old baby, and most recently a dad takes his 3 months old daughter to st therese hospital where she died from broken chest bones and a broken skull.

when the father received the news, he was neither sad nor shaken, he told hospital officials that his wife is ill and that he prefers to leave and attend to her - hospital officials were suspicious and arrested the father.

this is completely outrageous! i hope those parents fry in hell for what they do! some couples spend fortunes on medical treatments and wait for years in order to have children, and some others simply kill theirs!

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    1. Pat says:

      Savages! i can't believe this, it is the ultimate crime

    2. A parent says:

      Evil parents are not only those who kill physically their kids, sometimes they kill them morally with the way they treat them… So what's worse? Parents should know how to understand and talk to their kids, they are here to support and educate them and always be there for them in good and bad times..

    3. barroon says:

      Why she bothers to get pregnant, why they bring an incent soul to this world to treat him/her so brutally.
      I was disturbed year after year from news of parents who beat their kids to the dead. You might remember “ Shirin Ebadi” a children right advocate who won Nobel peace prize few years ago. She brought to attention of public that in some countries the father is not even persecuted for his crime because he is considered “ blood owner” of the kid. Which means you can torture and kill your children and walk free.

    4. Pinkish says:

      blood owner??? how pathetic! God owns our lives…. every religion across the globe agrees at least on that fact!

    5. 965malls says:

      of course i do, shirin is a hero, a model to look up to – i wish we can clone her… did she ever get her nobel prize trophy back? rumors say it was confiscated by the iranian authorities..

    6. barroon says:

      I don’t know what happened to her Nobel prize but I am sure she has more problems in her plate to deal with. specially that government put whole her family under pressure

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