i'm not that familiar with wordpress blogs, but after following an incoming link from wordpress, i landed on this blog called "kuwait blogs suck" who made a tribute to our blog! so here's the link and enjoy the hilarious hypothetical conversation with 965malls.

    19 Responses to “FLAMES!!”

    1. Pat says:

      This guy is clever, now every blogger n town will read his blog, and he will be getting more traffic than he ever dreamed of! just like an aggregator..

      i just read his comments about mark's blog and i think he is contradicting himself by behaving just like him – he lashed at him because of his personal opinion and all his doing is only personal opinion too! strategic mistake !!

    2. mishmash says:

      Loool!! what's his problem with capital letters? but quite funny

    3. Pinkish says:

      but i like the flames!!! apologies, i did not capitalize my "b" he he

    4. 965malls says:

      not to worry, it's not like it's the end of the world…

    5. 965malls says:

      looks like she's a she, sorry, a She..

    6. Pat says:

      LoooL, Oops, I Also Capitalized The Last Latter In LooooL, Will That Count As An English Mistake?

    7. 965malls says:

      no, but you typed 3 os in the first loool and 4 os in the second looool – this is a major mistake that will cost you 10 points, a 50 kd fine and probably a 2 months travel ban

    8. Pat says:

      Damn I'm Busted!

    9. Shameless says:

      I’m really not interested in trash this person’s blog is spreading so I won’t even bother to give her satisfaction and read her lame pathetic whining :) she needs ages before she gets to half what you do guys so haters will always hate just don’t mind poor minds :) we love you in everything you do and we like your blog! If she thinks herself better good for her we just don’t care

    10. Abdul says:

      How can a person be so mean if not jealous:))) she’s even fantasizing about you guys having a .. What??? VIKING ACCENT?? really??? Didn”t know that it even existed lol she’s really stupid and has no dignity to imagine a conversation without even knowing you!! She’s like those gossip channels who just say rumours to gain popularity.. 5 years old? No sh*t!! Lol she’s less than 5 coz 5 is too smart for her

    11. DemoLish says:

      We are a bunch of friends and we are moving a similar project live, and it will be like celebrity roast but a blog roast and every week we get a blog (entire week) to bash and joke about, and its all humor in the end, so if you cant take criticism then dont visit us :p

    12. 965malls says:

      we will sure visit you and help you get publicity – we do take criticism, did you read our answer to that blog? however, when criticism is unfounded, and subjective, loyal fans will defend their blogs and bloggers will indulge – do they have to shut up for fear of being accused of not accepting criticism? hell no! he who critisizes for the fun if it, has to accept being criticized for the fun of it too – this is not a one way road..

      now seriously, was this guy making fun of how we start our sentences with lower case letters??!! come on!! worse, he attacks “hers” from his & hers for having bad english while making similar mistakes!! beside the fact that his attempt on hers was inappropriate, not living up to what you criticize is a double edge sword that makes you lose credibility, and when that happens, you lose everything.

      we wish you best of luck and hope we will be first on your list – if you want some tips, we’ll help you out – some friends for instance, rant about the fact that we can’t make up our minds on signing the posts in our respective names! how can tbey tell who is writing or commenting if the story is signed by 965malls? that is constructive criticism :)

    13. Zaid says:

      I think this blog will die soon, what they don’t realize is that blogs in Kuwait are very successful and everyone has a large number of followers. So attacking blogs is like attaking their fan base, fans will react and it will be counter productive. See how mark’s fans defended him, just kine your fans did. So out if curiosity, people will read the first few reviewed, but then they will forget about it and go back to their blogs.

      I love your blog, continue doing what you’re doing, it is unique and different. Now if you sign with your names it will be even better :)

    14. 965malls says:

      absolutely – jokes aside, I think tbe way they aporached our review was quite creative – an interview-like post with flames is unique! way to go!!

    15. Gossiper says:

      This is very interesting.. So this guy thinks that all blogs in Kuwait suck and that he’s better than others! Not only this but is lacking respect to others who he doesn’t even know- That’s by itself is 5 years old- critisizes the blog look and fonts etc- who is HE to know better?- well he’s so stupid as all he wants is traffic for a couple of days then he’s dead. I despise people like this and his narcissism and irrespect will not make him successful. I wonder if he’s capable to follow up his so called better blog :)))) F..Lame ;)

    16. Fayez says:

      You guys became bigger to my eyes with your sense of humour after this other blog was so mean and rude to you! I salute you! :) And if they thought that there’s anything funny about their meaningless post well they just proved how stupid they are :) thank you for sharing their silly blog with us! Now THAT was fun

    17. 965malls says:

      thanks fayez and to all our readers for the support – seriously, this whole thing is so trivial we don't want to talk about it anymore.. we really liked their review, it is funny, end of story..

    18. Pinkish says:

      I would take this review as a compliment, she couldn’t find anything to criticize, so she picked subjective issues like te flames design, which I personally like, and the low case letters which was ao lame!! She also mentioned malls news content, she obviously doesn’t read your blog or even get it. it would have been really funny if her review was based on something solid. So far this is stupid and childish.

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