Food for thought!

you guessed well, it's back to school and for parents like us who chose the french school, your choice of finding french stationery is quite limited - however, there's this stationery store called "bader" who is specialized in french items, recommended & appointed by the french school - bader moved from his small store facing sultan center salmiya, to ag mart, a couple of blocks down the same street.

i was not too excited to stop by ag mart, i've been once before and the place feels suffocating, nevertheless we had no choice but to shop from bader - to my surprise, the place is bigger than the previous store, however school supplies are oddly mixed with supermarket items to such an extent they looked ridiculous!! check the pencil cases above, standing next to the americana cakes..

at the other corner, various stickers are displayed next to these water bottles... lovely!

school bags also hang neatly across the pepsi bottles, facing americana rolls, what a beautiful scene!

but the worst was getting to that cashier desk standing behind this guy and his trolley filled with water bottles, various veggies, fruits, minced meat and why not a stationary bag for the kids...

i believe bader's move is a recipe for failure, especially with the awful smell accompanying this place! i already hate it..

    13 Responses to “Food for thought!”

    1. MariamA says:

      You have stationary at carrefour and I think it is convenient for me as a one stop shop, but at leastthey are not mixed with supermarket items. This is not practical

    2. MariamA says:

      Even Sultan Center separated stationary on a different floor

    3. 965malls says:

      a large section of the stationary is separate but when you get to the cashier, things start to blend with supermarket items, feels like a mixed storage area that should nit be visible to the public – there should be a clear cut between the two, or at least mix with stuff that make sense, kids toys or any furniture items but not food and drink!

    4. Zaid says:

      Still selling 2008/2009 agendas???? !!!!!

    5. 965malls says:

      that too!!!

    6. HLF says:

      I think i’ve seen Albader stationary store in Shuwaikh. nxt to Alghannam but you will see it on the corner once you pass ALghannam store. way better than going to AG mart and its very big.

    7. 965malls says:

      great! never knew they have a store in shuwaikh!! we’ll pay him a visit and check things out

    8. Gulfa says:

      Welcome back to Kuwait – the whole country stinks.

    9. 965malls says:

      thanks gulfa – back to school is so horrible!

    10. TKG says:

      What a mess!! Organization in Kuwait is a key problem in my opinion.

      I actually stopped by Bader Stationery a few days before they moved to AG Mart and never realized there was a Stationery there :p

    11. 965malls says:

      it has always been hard finding that place… seems they have a serious location issue…

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    13. n songs says:

      It was great to have you thank you.

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