For once, i side with a government employee’s anger

i was at the "jawazat hawalli" for my in-laws visas, trying to solve a minor issue at the grand hall - it was 6:45 am and the employee at window number 16 was not in yet - i sat there waiting as a strange guy approaches me, the conversation went as follows:

- guy: is this visa renewal?

- me: no, this is to unify file numbers

- guy: so is this the visa renewal window?

- me: no, this is to unify file numbers

- guy: visa renewal?

- me: no, this is to unify file numbers

- guy: pauses for 3 seconds and goes, visa renewals?

- me: 3 seconds pause, then a very dry "no, this is to unify file numbers"

strange guy leaves, i sat on the bench waiting - half an hour later i hear a munaqaba employee screaming "maysir, you have to go to farwaniya", she obviously was talking to a stubborn person who kept asking for the same request.. she goes again, "farwaniya, you can't do that here, your rent contract says farwaniya, your civil id says farwaniya, you have to go there" - but the guy kept on going, she started screaming asking every employee around her to help her convince that guy, but he wouldn't budge!

things calmed down a bit, she tried to finalize some other papers for him, but then she looses her temper again "what's wrong with you? go make a photocopy", but the guy kept talking, she continued to scream "he wants me to make the photocopy for him! he doesn't have money he says" - suddenly the guy leaves the screaming lady's window and comes next to me to talk to an egyptian guy - however a very angry kuwaiti official meets him half way and asks him for the civil id - instead of complying, the idiot tells him that he is not talking to him and to simply mind his business - the angry kuwaiti became angrier, there was a big commotion and some pushing around which ended in kicking the guy out while confiscating his passport.

that guy was the same strange person who asked me 5 consecutive times about visa renewals... no wonder!

i always considered ministry employees to be rude and not helpful, but for the first time ever i really felt for them!

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    1. Ahmed says:

      If you ever go on a road trip with that guy, He'll ask, "Are we there yet?" like a million times! LOL

    2. maryiam says:

      Were there signs in English and Arabic? Was there a number system? Were there chairs for people to wait for their turns? Was there a woman's section? Was there an information desk where the person behind the desk spoke English and Arabic? Was there a typing center where these people type their documents or pay to get photocopies? Was there someone (preferrably of rank like a LT or LTC behind the counters making sure that transactions were going smoothly? Do they have security at these ministry offices to bounce people out of the building? (Maybe needed in Kuwait) Why am I asking this? Because I have been living in Kuwait 20 years and have never walked into a ministry to do paperwork, would this be allowed in Dubai – NO. But thank God these people are so disorganized that I can send a mondoub to do my papers without them seeing my face, I benefit from their lack of security.

    3. 965malls says:

      the answer to most of your questions is no! but this guy was so irritating you can't but feel sorry for them! i wanted to slap him.. i could have done it easily…

    4. Viewer says:

      Silly topic!!!!!!!!

    5. 965malls says:

      you must be enjoying your ministry errands!

    6. TKG says:

      This is common in Kuwait! I cannot work in a governmental job because slapping is the least I would do.

      Become a teacher!! Out of the question :p

    7. 965malls says:

      love teaching, but not stupid students :)

    8. ali says:

      Was that guy an arab or hindi.he must b having autistic problems thats y he was repeating same thing again and again.
      it is not the poor guys problem, its the patience which is lacking in people these days,

    9. 965malls says:

      he was egyptian and 100% normal – he was arguing and had no issues in communicating his point if view

    10. Ali says:

      no 100 percent normal guy will repeat same thing again and again, makes no sence.

    11. greentag says:

      hahhahaah this made my morning!!!


      thing is arabic to arabic and still they dont understand each other.

    12. 965malls says:

      the guy is simply dim :) it was so obvious!

    13. Naomi Kales says:

      The response to the majority of your inquiries is no! Be that as it may, this person was so chafing you can't yet feel frustrated about them pay someone to do my essay! I needed to slap him. I could have done it effortlessly.

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