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i came across this awesome website that basically lets you build your own iphone, ipad, android, and blackberry app real easy! it is amazing and simple, just go to, click on pricing.

when you get to the pricing page, you will see 3 options, start with the first one and sign up for free - once you do that, an identification key appears at the bottom of the page, copy it as you will need for wordpress activation.

next, you need to download the weever app plugin and activate it, quite a simple task.

once you have activated the plugin, you need to insert your identification key so you can edit it - editing the app is easy, you need a few trial and error tests to figure it out, it is not complicated, once you're done, you can scan the bar code and see how your app looks like, then make the amends before you go live.

this is the look and feel of our app, basically i have added a blog tab, a video tab for our youtube channel, and a social tab for twitter.

i have also added facebook photo feed to photos, as for the share app tab, it basically allows you to share a post and most importantly download the app icon to your iphone screen, it doesn't show on this snapshot because it was taken post download.

weeverapp is really awesome, the only downside is the absence of comments on blog posts, that's why we basically turned it off until they add this function, but if you can do without comments, this would be perfect for you.

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    1. Kman says:

      Cool app, tx for sharing & to bad for lack of comments it would have been awesome!

    2. Thanks for the detailed writeup on our Mobile App Software. We are actually working on commenting and this will be launched in 4-6 weeks. if you sign up for our newsletter we will post our new features.

    3. 965malls says:

      thanks for your feedback steve – will do

    4. Gossiper says:

      That’s not bad at all. I like it! Thanks for the detailed infos :)

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