Fresh mango flavor from Rice Pudding

here's some fresh news, away from airports and roaches - rice pudding have released their new fresh mango rice pudding flavor with buttery pound cake, fresh mango and honey - from the way it looks, it should taste great!! not sure why i have this urge to try it, may be because i am starving to the point i can eat those cute little roaches down my wife's post!!

rice pudding are also launching an innovative catering light tray which you can get with every order of 50 pieces and above.

wonder how much time it will take me to finish that tray.. nam nam.. i'm hungry..

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    1. 965malls says:

      LOOOOOOOOL hayeteeee!! I turn my back for a couple of days and here you are starving!!! But I don't advise you to have roaches though..Ewww! Hey..You have my blessing to try Rice Pudding ;))) xxx

    2. 965malls says:

      now that i am not hungry anymore, that comment about eating roaches sounds really disgusting…

    3. Ferdina says:

      I am starving to the point i can eat those rolex replica cute little roaches down my wife's post.

    4. onesacluxefrance says:

      Fresh mango Réplique sac de luxe flavor from Rice Pudding

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