Getting high reaching new lows!

i spotted this article in alqabas newspaper talking about the deterioration of drugs prices in kuwait - it seems that supply is great than demand which pushed the prices to drop by two third!

what was interesting is this table which i have translated to english for non-arab expats, quite an eye opener... this underground business seems to be suffering to, hurting both dealers and addicts - from one hand it has become cheaper and more accessible for the addicts, but on the other hand, the dealers profits have drastically eroded.

will the dealers quit the business if the profits continue to drop? it might just be an ideal & unexpected solution...

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    1. Fkwt&Rm says:

      Hahahahah Newspaper are becoming too extra informative…Few months back Arab times was teaching how to grow your own weed & now detailed prices :P

    2. 965malls says:

      yeah, i remember that one – you had actually sent us the story… what a menu.. looks like a mcdonald's board :)

    3. How smart! says:

      so Alqabas made sure every one in Kuwait is aware that the prices have dropped!!! how stupid is that??

    4. Guest says:

      Cocaine comes form South America, not Mexico

    5. 965malls says:

      that's what the paper said…

    6. Guest says:

      You trust the press? :)

    7. 965malls says:

      of course not, but this post is quoting alqabas so i have to refer to what they say – you know better looool

    8. Q8 Insight says:

      i am very old reader of your blog and

      i dont get it…………….. wut is the point of posting this information by the newspaper + you :) … and now 248am :(

      we should share only good positive and informative information to our readers

    9. Lost Q8 says:

      Let me answer that for you, 965malls! Because you do no live in an ideal world and Kuwait has huge unadressed problems that continue to go unaddressed by this government. One of them is the growing drug use in this country. Read the Arabtimes today and look at all drunks caught around Kuwait -maybe you should legalize it in some form like far more conservative GCC nations so that you can conrol it. Another aspect of this is that what are treatment centres available to the drug addicts here? Stop the hypocrisy for your own sake!

    10. 965malls says:

      @ Q8 Insight – thanks for your comment – we respect your point of view however we believe that each blog has the freedom to write whatever topic he feels like writing about – focusing on positive news only makes all blogs look the same, and reminds me of communist propaganda that steered and controlled media during ww2!

      having said that, we thank lost q8 for the comment – it is our responsibility to raise awareness on such issues, may be they can be solved.

      thanks again for your comment.

    11. Fayez says:

      Talking about only good positive things is like hiding our head in the ground…things are happening around us…bad things! And people should know about it. Life is not pink at all my dear @Q8 Insight. Agreed with Lost Q8 as not to be hypocrits

    12. Rucker says:

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