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my son lost one of his medical glasses pads while at the 360 mall, so we passed by a couple of shops who failed to make that simple repair - finally, someone recommended we pass by that shop across geant called al-liqaa optical - we went in and there was this salesman/repair guy at the counter, he took care of the pads in like 60 seconds and basically did it for free! we insisted to pay the repair fees, but it seems that the policy of the shop is not to be paid for repair, even if you are not the shop's customer!

i found that really awesome! such an excellent customer service, next time i want to buy some specs i will definitely consider that shop!

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    1. Pat says:


    2. Gossiper says:

      Smart move, I like this policy!

    3. friv 1 says:

      It's a great place to take the shock and dedicated customers. You feel satisfied.

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    6. That is really kind of them, i think such policies are more customer friendly then anything else, Great job…

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