Hate double standards!

i was driving back home yesterday and spotted kim's billboards on the streets, then i wondered why all this fuss about this porn star... personally, i think she is an ugly paris hilton wannabe and i don' t understand why some people are so crazy about her..

anyways, people have different tastes so i'm not gonna stop at that, but what really surprises me are the authorities who regulate with an iron fist the quality of stars, singers and music bands coming to kuwait for public shows - how did they give a porn star permission to visit kuwait? is kim's visit more prestegious than say, a rock band?

below is kim's blog coverage, i subscribe to q8blend's post and his picture :)

banana q8

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    31 Responses to “Hate double standards!”

    1. Kman says:

      Kim is not a porn star, but porn made her one ;)

    2. 965malls says:

      Semantics :) that’s exactly what I meant, and porn made her a bigger star, just like Paris Hilton – for me they are nothing but porn stars, weather they have purposly leaked a sex tape or made a full movie…

    3. mario says:

      they ban a harmless kiss in the movies,but they advertise her,kim, (porn made star ) all over kuwait on huge billboards …talking about hypocrisy…:)))

    4. john says:

      Calm down, they are not going to let her, there will be a huge backlash from 'you know who' in Kuwait against her appearance. They are both nieve to think they could have her open Million's of Milkshakes in Kuwait. She'll end up just going to the base, maybe entering the country through the military airport, and opening MOM from an unknown location through SKYPE.

    5. KhaledA says:

      In a couple of days it will be Ramaddan and I will be on praying mode, I surely don’t want to see her in my face while drive g back for Iftar!!!!!!!!!!! People, remove this from the streets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Rose says:

      Guys, can’t u see the connection? Milkshake & porn!!! Males perfect sense!!

    7. Mademoiselle H. says:

      Basically, if she comes or not, that's not very important in fact… since we are already having millions of "Kim Kardashian" wannabees in the streets/malls lol

    8. Hiba103 says:

      Mademoiselle H just said exactly what I was about to write in here.. Most girls think of Kim as an idol but they don't really know what she really is.. this is a shame to let a scum become something more important than what she really is just because she has loads of money

    9. Mademoiselle H. says:

      Hehehehe Hiba… +1

    10. sarah says:

      "My milkshake brings all the boys to my backyard"
      <a href="http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=my+milkshake+brings+all+the+boys+to+the+yard&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CFcQtwIwAQ&url=http%3A%2F%2 Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DGzSgz3R8oso&ei=UmEGUOypLoOE8AS05bTvBw&usg=AFQjCNHHjkQTgLlNOmjGSRzhFTJuJHLSFA” target=”_blank”>http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=my…” target=”_blank”>Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DGzSgz3R8oso&ei=UmEGUOypLoOE8AS05bTvBw&usg=AFQjCNHHjkQTgLlNOmjGSRzhFTJuJHLSFA

    11. Shameless says:

      LOOOOLLLLL All I can see is Kim's photo!! this is so hilarious!!! I can't think of anything else, her face is pricelesssssss!! I don't care if she's a porn star or whatever star but I can say that with this photo she lost what's left of her dignity!!

    12. Rose says:

      for some reason i can't open the link, i'm sure it is interesting…

    13. sarah says:

      Oh, didn't come through. It is the U-tube clip from the Kelis song "Milkshake", a cute song that came out a few years ago. Google My milkshake brings all the boys to my backyard.

    14. Rose says:

      of course :) silly me, i know it by heart.. sorry my mind was elsewhere, you know exactly where loool

    15. Fkwt&Rm says:

      No clue if she is gets to come to kuwait or no… all of us here who are just a minority of haters seriously.. Imagine all those crazy fights which for sure take place during the opening when she is der.. guys tryin to throw there cell numbers at her.. & somethin lik "A rich dude offered kim 100,000 KD to visit her in his private chalet on da beach" .. all that non sense if so gonna happen

      @ KhaledA "In a couple of days it will be Ramaddan and I will be on praying mode, I surely don't want to see her in my face while drive g back for Iftar!!!!!!!!!!!" Lol dis wz js hilarious

    16. KhaledA says:

      I saw the freakin movie man! how can i keep her out of my head while driving

    17. 965malls says:

      priceless indeed! q8blend was the inspiration, thank him for that!

    18. Fkwt&Rm says:

      Hahhahah all i can say Focus Brother Focus !! :D …Let no evil go through your mind while fasting & driving :P

    19. TKG says:

      Basically during Ramadan, Kim will be taking on the job as Saitin LooL.

      I for one don't like Kim whatsoever. I believe there are better women out there with a cool sense of humor like Rose for instance :p

      I am with KhaledA in that they should take down her pictures as it is not worth looking at her face when fasting :)

      I for one and sick and tired!!!!!!! What the F!!!! They can senor scenes in the cinema but end up bringing a famous porn made star :/ What is the world coming to?

      As for the Rumors that Justin Beiber is also coming :'( Please Kuwait, have some dignity left.

    20. Pinkish says:

      we'll take him to nursery school :)

    21. PKG says:

      "i don' t understand why some people are so crazy about her.." …. ummm, ohh i dunno.. mayb it cud b her rear end.. or her twin puppies..? loll jus messin.. yea, dont see the point of gettin her here.. its as pointless as puttin 'ay' in 'okay'…… :/

    22. BB99 says:

      ROSE……….you have an admirer :)

    23. john says:

      Justin Beiber will not come to Kuwait, but PERFORM in uncensored UAE and if he did come he would visit the Canadian base here.

    24. Rose says:

      ADMIRERS… take a number BB, TKG is first on my list :) 965malls "husband" is second.. you are third… next please… lol

    25. 965malls says:

      do NOT get me into this rose!!! get me off your list babe :)

    26. wael says:

      I am ready to take your place "husband"… so stop telling Rose she's your babe! lol

    27. 965malls says:

      my pleasure! you're no 2 wael

    28. Mohd says:

      Im glad to know that many readers r also sharing my point of view :)

    29. mishmash says:

      yeah, some people still have some common sense and it makes you feel good…

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