Hayak Allah!

i was at 360 mall having coffee with a couple of friends - we asked the waiters at posh if we could smoke and they sat us in a smoking area right at the corner - i had a sweet flavored cigar which i wanted to try so i lit it, the smell was quite good not annoying at all.

after a few minutes, the people behind us left and this bozo sat behind me and lit a cigarette - then he turns towards me and asks me to keep my cigar away! unfortunately i understood something else, i thought he was telling me to move away so i told him that i am not moving tables as i've been at the café for half an hour - he felt offended as that was not what he meant, then told me in a rude way that he wants me to blow my cigar the other way - i said fine politely, as i misunderstood, but he replied "hayyak allah bil kuwait"! (welcome to kuwait)

this misunderstanding could have ended then & there, but this xenophobic a** h**e had to remind me that i am only a stranger in his country! i wanted to make a scene, i really wanted.. but out of respect for my friend and his wife i swallowed my pride and thanked him politely - i don't get it! unless this guy owns posh, or the 360, he and i have the same rights... i was furious, but kept my calm..

a couple of hours later i went to cinescape to watch a movie, as i reached theatre number 7, i spotted a guy standing by the door trying to walk out - but instead, he stood there making way for a couple of guys to walk in first and even waited for me, though i was a bit far back - i stopped at the door and asked him to walk out first, but he insisted i walk in first - i tried again out of courtesy, but he insisted again saying "hayak alla" - i was so touched i wanted to give this guy a hug, he made me forget all about my previous ordeal.

amazing! how can a phrase be said in different situations, by two different people, in different tone of voices and still give you totally opposite emotions!

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    1. Mary says:

      Kuwait has become a turbulent society where I personally have gone underground and carefully plan my necessary trips like they are reconnaissance missions, it's not only the people here, and that includes all nationalities, it's compounded with the traffic problems and the lack of safety in the society. I spoke to an Indian lady the other day who told me that in Salmiya a couple can no longer walk at night because there has been a rampant increase in attacks on men/women where the husband is beat up whilst his wife is carried away in the desert to be raped. It is covered periodically in the newspaper, but it is common now. Everyone is rude, people are miserable and this society has become brash. But as anywhere there are pockets of hope in this man who had the decency to with you 'hayak allah'. My message to Kuwait, it really isn't that hard to say 'thank you' or 'excuse me' or to smile.

    2. expataussiegal says:

      Exactly Mary, agree totally with what you have written. Kuwaiti society seems to be getting more aggressive by the day. Manners are non existent with a lack of respect for anybody or anything. I realise this is a gross generalisation but it is what I encounter day after day. Really sad if there is to be any future for this country, especially the young generation, who seem to have an instilled sense of entitlement. I don't think the word "courtesy" is known here.
      On another note, smoking malls is prohibited by law. I don't care if the staff say there are smoking tables or areas, this is not acceptable. I believe you both should have taken it outside, and if I had been there I would have told you both as such. (Yes, I have also been known to become aggressive at times, especially with regards to matters of my health lol).

    3. sarah says:

      Unfortunately, once again Kuwait has redefined smoking in malls suiting their best interests. They made smoking in cafes legal, and cafes's such as Starbucks are inside the malls, so therefore, we now have not rid smoking from inside malls – we are back at square one. The same thing as democracy – they seem to follow another form of democracy unseen in the West. So consequently, the smoking laws are ineffective and endanger the lives of people with second hand smoke in every mall in Kuwait. Dubai can implement these types of laws, why can't they?

    4. 965malls says:

      Agree, I wish I never had that cigar in the first place, I had quit smoking for months but had a sudden urge for one! On the other hand you should have seen the group of young kuwaitis harrasing a group of young Kuwaiti girls, they almost had a fight that night – poor girls, they were walking out of the ladies room where these hooligans awaited… Fortunately, the problem was solved quickly

    5. Zaid says:

      how rude one can be! fellow compatriots, learn from the second guy…

    6. 3ohood says:

      Ignorance ignorance ignorance and lack of civility… Parents raise some kids this way so what do you expect? rude parents make rude impolite ignorant growing kids..they become rude men and women in the future..and unfortunately this is the image they give to others about our nation!.. I apologize for this person because not all kuwaitis are the same

    7. 965malls says:

      no worries, really.. the other guy made my day :)

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