Health Stop out. Mo’men in.

i was shocked to see health stop shutting down in our neighborhood, now that salem almubarak bit in ras salmiya is buzzing with people! health stop was one of the first restaurants to open in that street, i think they were anticipating a big crowd which took a while to build & develop.

too bad for heath stop, meanwhile mo'men is replacing it - mo'men is an egyptian quick service sandwich restaurant that started back in 1988, it has grown and franchised the brand to cover bahrain, uae, sudan, malaysia, lybia and now kuwait.

    9 Responses to “Health Stop out. Mo’men in.”

    1. christine says:

      where did health stop go ?:(

    2. 965malls says:

      Home …

    3. lolla says:

      Mo2mon is here again, that’s great news… I love their sandwiches

    4. 965malls says:

      Though we lived in Egypt for a year and a half, we never tried it – but we heard good stuff about it so let’s see

    5. expataussiegal says:


    6. Zaid says:

      Mo'men replacing Health Stop is not healthy at all…

    7. Leslie says:

      Why co does this restaurant chain belong to…

    8. 965malls says:

      have no idea who their sponsor is in kuwait, originally, it's an egyptian company

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