Here’s the maid with AIDS

finally, we found her picture! we couldn't trace the monster on google, but then we switched to arabic and found her in a matter of seconds - this is the horrible ethiopian maid accused of passing aids to two kuwaiti kids, 6 and 7 years old - it seems that their grandma came across this news from an internet post by a saudi man who warned people against employing the maid..

everyone in the family is now afraid from being infected with the deadly disease while maid with aids is now back to saudi - i hope she doesn't infect other children there!

the maids stories are driving me crazy... but all i can do is pray for the innocent kids to get well soon.


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    1. Shameless says:

      How did she infect the kids??? Why is she back in Saudi? I am not saying that she's bad because I can't judge but at least she should be back in her country and get treated. Didn't she get her tests done when she came to this country? How did she get in?

    2. sarah says:

      I don't believe that it was reported that the family contracted aids. What should be highlighted here is that the government of Kuwait did not catch the virus when they tested her, well purportedly tested her which is a requirement for all incoming expats. The country of Kuwait violated this family. There are very distinct ways that you can only contract this disease and that is through blood contact, so it is unlikely that this family is in danger. I was listening to an interview with Magic Johnson yesterday and he has lived with the virius for decades. She is not a criminal, she is a poor woman who had to make a living for her family and has this disease. If any of you were in that situation, would you do the same?

    3. Abdul says:

      I agree with both Shameless and Sarah. This maid was in Kuwait even with the tests she had..That is IF she had HIV before getting to the country. But how did the family know that she infected the kids or was infected herself?? Maybe she contracted the disease from the country and therefore she was sent to Saudi without being reported. I think that she's the victim here too. Living with Aids is living a normal life just have to be careful about certain things that's all.

    4. mishmash says:

      A lot of grey areas here, but mind you, some people do take their revenge on others, this story could be true. Now how did she get into the country having AIDS? That should be investigated.

    5. Shushuti says:

      From what I know,the HIV virus can be detected by blood check only after 3month since she got the disease.She may be infected but when they did the check in kuwait or in her country the results were negative.God protect us all !!

    6. 965malls says:

      god protect us all indeed..

    7. Olivia says:

      God is da only one to forgive her

    8. Stef says:

      She was probably infected by being raped by her Arab sponsor. The way domestic workers are treated in the Gulf is shameful.

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