High heels for men??!!

i came across this disturbing image in a daily mail article - well, it seems that these high heels shoes for men are the latest fashion trend, but i cannot digest them! this is so weird man!

i am sure that even the vertically challenged will not find this attractive, but if i were carla bruni i'd buy a pair for my husband, just to tease him :)

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    1. Munique says:

      Yucks!! But then… Guess some men really need it as height matters to them most!
      I personally think man’s height isnt an issue if he is great in personality and looks!

    2. 965malls says:

      They can always get Cuban heels, not as disgusting…

    3. Freak says:

      Most great men in history were short so height doesn’t matter. Or maybe they became great because they were short?? Hmmmm makes me wonder

    4. Hansi1973 says:

      Why not? Why should men not be “allowed” to wear NICE shoes? Do women only wear them because of adding some inches of height? No. It is something like jewellery. It makes the outfit complete.
      After some decades of boring male clothes, the reducing of the portfolio (i.e. boots are today identified as “typical” female), or what has been added to female´s wardrobes in the last years by the boyfriend-style, dandy-style, gentleman-style, etc. – it is time to fight back and take and wear, what we (men) find nice, interesting. I love women (I am married to one), I am open minded and do not have problems with trnasgendered, bi- or homosexual people – so it doesn´t make me angry and noone will shock me by calling it “effeminate” or “gay”, when I am wearing heels.
      Yes, I love to wear heels (since years) and I hope, that this trend will lead to an more open minded society, where men and women can wear whatever they want – without being offended or pegged in some category of sexual orientation.

    5. 965malls says:

      thanks for your comments hansi – no one is against gays or transgendered but whether we like it or not, high heels have been associated with females for a very long time and it takes time for society to adjust or change that perception.
      there are symbols in life that you cannot change, will you wear a bra if you have a few extra pounds? and will that be perceived as being open minded? there are limits to people's perception and this has nothing to do with being open minded or not – cheers!

    6. Hansi1973 says:

      I know, it will be hard work, to change the mind, the thinking, the kind of view when it comes up to “female” clothes and accessoires for men. Often it is judged as as weird, as “un-manly”, as fetish, and so on.
      100 years ago, when the first women started wearing pants, they were called insane, lesbians, and so on. It took several decades, to make “normal”. The same for other things they conquered and occupied. Today, nobody lits an eyelid, if a woman wears pants, a tie or whatever (what has formerly known as “typical male”). Everything is allowed for them – even briefs with fly. And nobody cares, if a woman own 200 pairs of shoes. It is her “sweet little habbit, her hobby, …”. If a man possesses only one pair of heels, he is call a lunatic or pervert. If he wears a skirt, he will be asked, if he want to become a woman.
      Fashion and society is always changing. And I see a good chance for men, to enlarge and bring back more clothes and accessories to their portfolio. Yes and even adapt “typical female” things.
      There is so much talking about equal rights, the “gender equality”, including contracts and laws. But I have the feeling, that gender equality is often more used for “more rights to women!”, but not for giving the same rights and possibilities to men too.
      What reminds me to the ‘Animal Farm’ (George Orwell): “All animals are equal – but some are more equal.”

    7. 965malls says:

      strange… i was reading about equality a couple of days ago and i came across a couple of insights:

      1- Though all men are created equal, it is only men themselves who place themselves above equality, by their judgment over things. Some see tall better than short, fat better thin, rich better than poor, white better than black…

      2- Bob Dylan said “All this talk about equality. The only thing people really have in common is that they are all going to die.“

    8. Frappuccino says:

      I don't see why men can't wear high heels but I'm totally against THIS kind of heels, i mean they're so feminine! look at the legs without the whole body and you will imagine a woman on the top of those shoes. Men are of course allowed to wear high heels but they should be at least.. more masculine

    9. Rose says:

      OMG !! Call me anti whatever but HELL NO !

    10. Abdul says:

      If ur a drag queen ok but a normal macho man? Come on!! Actually who can walk in those heels? Apart from looking so weird…

    11. Ana Hazuki says:

      I think those who are criticizing are jealous, women have been wearing any piece of men’s attire without asking their permission, now women want to control what should men put on or not, this is ridiculous! Women wear, from men’s attire, pants, suit, shoes, shirts and so on. Now that men started to groom themselves in whatever way they want, women want to make comments on it? Oh! give me a break. Not to mention that almost everything women wear today were invented by men to be worn by men, so bottom line, men are only getting back what were taken away from them. For those who said that most great men were short, the same statement is true. I can cite many great short women here. People should stop imposing their own taste on others. Those first women who dared to wear pants were practically crucified by those who judged themselves as role models. People have short memory and always forget what women have gone through to be able to wear whatever they want, if ins’t that so, why would women put men in the same kind of situation they struggled very hard to get rid of? Sadism perhaps?

    12. Let men wear whatever they want as long as it's not my man! :P I just hope if the guys start wearing high heels in Kuwait they learn how to walk in them. Unlike "some" of the women here who can't but wear 5' stilettos to the mall and actually fall on their face. Poor things :(

    13. Teresa says:

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