Hilarious English Breakfast at Dean & Deluca!

well, our friend pinkish suggested we make a dedicated post out of this picture and we agree - read previous post and comments to understand why :) hilarious!!

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    1. Pinkish says:

      loool, thanks for posting :)

    2. Zaid says:

      loooooool, hilarious!!

    3. guest says:

      This is so funny!!! :)))

    4. Erma Gaborno says:

      First of all,Dean and Deluca is expensive. And people who eat there think it’s a prestige.Some sit there as an esy access to gossip about every person that passes by.

    5. Pat says:

      let's give it a nickname, "the gossip corner" :)

    6. TKG says:

      I was going to say something about that but then most people would think i'm a pervert :D or sex driven which i'm not hahaha

    7. Dave says:

      really funny :)

    8. SarahKH says:

      ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… can't believe this !!!!

    9. Waleed says:

      LMAO!!! Salad = Pubic Hair???? LOOOL

    10. Waleed says:

      Left nut infected?? LMAO

    11. 965malls says:

      i guess your imagination is infected waleed :) i can't believe this!!

    12. Rose says:

      Waleeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!! my kind of guys!! now i have serious competition :)

    13. Waleed says:

      That's TKG kicking your boyfriend where it hurts for not letting you hang out with him at D&D!

    14. Rose says:

      loooool, good1

    15. TKG says:

      LMAO I wouldn’t kick a guy there I’m more into knocking the person to the ground.

    16. kram says:


    17. kram says:


    18. TK says:

      Geeze thanks for this. Now I can never order a meal there without thinking how its going to be presented in front of me and by who (male or female).

    19. 965malls says:

      so now you've got something to think about and look forward to :)

    20. Shameless says:

      Oh man!! How did I miss that??? So so funnyyyyyyyy!! :))

    21. Khalid says:

      Is that a "Happy" Meal?! LOL

    22. 965malls says:

      looooooooooooooooool – good one khalid!

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