Hotel Monroe, never again!

i don't know how we ended up booking in that hotel downtown beirut opposite phoenicia, but i can assure you this is the last time i stay at there - we reached the hotel after midnight, checked in, went to our rooms to relax and obviously we needed to drink water - so we tried getting some from the mini bar but it was locked with no keys around - we called reception for help after which they promised to send someone to open that mini bar - we waited for half an hour but no one showed up, so we decided to crash on the bed and simply forget about water - a friend wanted internet access, so they brought him a 4 meter wire as the hotel doesn't offer wifi!

the next morning we went to the conference room and there was this projector hanging down from the ceiling with weird clips - we wanted internet so the guy offered us 3 packages: half an hour for 4$, 1 hour for 6$ or 24 hours for 44$!!! that was hilarious, who pays for internet nowadays? the best part was the power cut in the middle of the presentation - but hey, nothing is impossible in lebanon, everything switches over to the power generator and life goes on! typically lebanon!

oh and about that morning sea view? absolutely gorgeous!


    5 Responses to “Hotel Monroe, never again!”

    1. Gossiper says:

      Who cares what's inside your room as long as you have this view outside your window ;) Welcome back!

    2. Danah says:

      Locked mini bar?? that's so ridiculous!

    3. Pat says:

      Stupid hotel.. been there once and promised myself never to step foot in again!

    4. Zaid says:

      Love the color of the sea, at least it's blue and not green!!

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