Husband or sex slave?

it seems that a saudi woman is so desperate to get married, she is offering the man of her riyals 1.33 us million dollars!!

but, i am not sure that what she seeks is a husband, my hunch tells me she is looking for a sex slave instead as she said “it does not matter whether the new husband is attracted to my money as the most important thing is that he must appreciate marriage life and marital duties… he will live with me in my villa and must accept all my conditions which i will reveal to him later.”

she also added that she would be willing to accept a "misyar" marriage - an arrangement where couples live separately.

so basically, she wants someone who will only come to her when she has “special needs”, and on his free time do other duties related to marriage that will only be revealed to him after marriage!

seriously? like what? washing dishes, cleaning the villa, cooking, offering special services to her special friends, or may be role play? i’m really curious to know...

thanks mary for the story, you can read the rest of it here.

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    1. qabaq says:

      Am sure alot of men are more than happy to do it in return for the $$$$

    2. sarah says:

      Go for it TKG! :)

    3. 965malls says:

      not a small sum :)

    4. Shameless says:

      Oh wow…A dream girl!! I"m in!!!

    5. TKG says:

      Lool Sarah :$ I will think about it but I don't think she would accept ;)

      I would marry this woman on 2 conditions.

      1. I don't want any of her money and I mean it.
      2. It should be based on love rather then just because she is horny and needs the stick every once in a while :p

      It is so hard to find women who would accept to marry me (not that there is anything wrong with me, just am unlucky) and from now I know that even if I got this womans email address she wouldn't reply :(
      I know I'm very negative (All thanks to the women on whoshere and twitter)

    6. sarah says:

      Rose – care to comment?

    7. sarah says:

      @TKG I'm just joking with you :) I see all you nice comments on this website. The right girl is out there for you and I doubt very much it is this Saudi women who might be as old as your mother (gross) Maybe she is not in Kuwait? Maybe she is, but chin up, have fun with whatever you like to do in life and when you enjoy your life, when you least expect it, you will meet her.

    8. Rose says:

      SEX slave? i want one :) not sure two may be? Lol

      Come on TKG!! chill babe.. you should be going out steadily and not wait till you fall in love, you won't last for a minute and she'll be disappointed, trust me :)

      Go out and have fun, work on your stamina so when you fall in love you'll be able to "last".

      Advice from a virtual friend :)

      Hi Sarah, thanks for the invite :) my kind of topics :):):)

    9. TKG says:

      I can't wait to meet her :p but I won't keep my hopes up and most probably won't care as time goes by.

      I live life on a dangerous side at the moment where my health I don't really care about and am not afraid to die ;) That's how The Godfather roles

    10. TKG says:

      I don't care anymore :D

      There are other things to think about like money LooL

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