I cheated on my wife, and it felt soooooo good!

i know i'm gonna pay for this, but i did it for the right cause :) i took my son yesterday to this new pizza place next to our house and on our way back, he insisted we drop by this waffle place and try it out - well, though i had promised my wife to try waffleland with her, i couldn't resist cheating on her with my son and it felt sooooooooo good!!

i know i'm gonna sleep on the stairs tonight, but let me rub it in... what's done is done! waffleland has awesome waffles with different kind of sauces, nutella was our best choice, then comes the ice cream, i picked moevenpick's strawberry sorbet and then the toppings, fruit or candies so i went for candies.

waffleland is really good, however the fruits were stale and not inviting at all - the place is kind of ok, right behind olympia mall, ras salmiya.

this post is scheduled to appear after my son and i have left in the morning, he he... hope she forgets by the time we reach home, though highly doubtful.. god be with us and save us the wrath to come!

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    1. The wife blogger says:

      I knew ittttttttt!!! You had that satisfied smile on your face when you came back and I asked you what you did!!! I'm gonna kill you when you come home tonight :) And guess who'll be smiling then :-p~

    2. Fkwt says:


      Thanks for the review mate ..shall try it.. & Yes ALL THE BEST for the rest of the day :P…& she is not saying it but u better come home with a gift !!!

    3. Husband says:

      Such a busy day… Might have a trip to Dubai this afternoon… See you next week :)

      @FKWT you bet I heard that !!!

    4. Rose says:

      Poor husband, you are welcome to stay over tonight and every night for that matter… If she doesn’t want you other ladies can benefit :)

      (shhhhht… just doing you a favor so she takes you back)

    5. Fkwt&RM says:

      LOL hahahaa… So now 2 gifts and load of Waffle's party tonight for u mate… !!!

    6. Husband says:

      Damn, so the Dubai getaway didn’t work afterall… All I have left is Rose!!!

    7. Rose says:

      Come to mama honey!! At least you’ll save 2 gifts and a couple of waffles… You can cheat on me with pizzas, I don’t mind it wifey ;)

    8. Husband says:

      I might be forgiven cheating with a waffle but with you rose, that’s avtotally different ball game ;) then I. Better pack my stuff and move out for good.. to the land of the rising sun..

    9. Fkwt&RM says:

      Reverse psychology :P "I might be forgiven cheating with a waffle" hahaha… No No i doubt The wife blogger is in any mood of forgiveness :P..So 2 gifts, waffles and adding Flowers will do :D!!

    10. The wife blogger says:

      Just picked up kids from school and starting homework and stuff… So…Me? Mood for forgiveness? Now? NOT! :) Oh and btw hun…told the little one and he's SAAAAAAAAADDDDD..:(

    11. Husband says:

      OMG!! I wish I never wrote this post!!! Now everybody wants my neck including Fkwt&RM – hope this is one guy and not a bunch of them, the name is quite scary :(

    12. Zaid says:


    13. 965malls says:

      UPDATE: wife & kid got waffles, husband sleeping in his bed :) all good

    14. TKG says:

      Glad the story ended well. Can’t believe I missed all the action.

      Rose still enjoying the company of men I see :p

      I was scared when I first read the title of the post: thought maybe all the craziness happening in Kuwait got to you guys (sorry about that)

      A man should never cheat with his wife even if it comes to food. Hope the husband learnt his lesson.

    15. Fkwt&RM says:

      Yeyyy… So all good in the hood :D !

    16. Fkwt&RM says:

      Da puppy eyes always works :D …RM & I hafta try dis place soon now :) …

    17. 965malls says:

      btw, their number is 90940036

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