I hate what Sultan Center has become..

since i was a kid i had a weakness for hot dogs, i simply love them - my uncle once told me the story of how they are made, thinking that he would deter me from eating them, but all i had to say back then was "now i love them even more", i was probably 10 or 11 years old.

so every time i go to the supermarket, i check the hot dog section, and lately, sultan center has been ranking very low on my hot dog supplier's list - last week, all he had displayed was 2 unknown chicken hot dog brands, "del monte" and "chef", probably his own brands - this week he added "tulip" and "americana", but still no beef hot dogs on the shelves, only chicken!

what's wrong with sultan center nowadays? you're even stuck with his own brands, or limited a small variety and range of products! what happened to the old days when we used to find every brand lined up on the shelves? i hate what sultan center has become and it is unfortunate that we have to go to carrefour to find foreign brands we like!

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    1. SS88 says:

      They're concentrating these days on the Chinese hooker business in their Fahaheel branch.

    2. Rose says:

      Chinese hooker industry?? Where? How?

    3. krotothea says:

      when i was kid i know how they made or whats made of hotdog.. hotdog contained of meat worms this worms are cultured not the dirty ones.. if you can chekc the google hotdogs contains cultured worms it is best than chicken or beef.

    4. krotothea says:

      Philippines hotdogs are the best for me named it PUREFOODS.

    5. Romana says:

      Everything there sucks!never can find what i need,also vegetables and fruits r spoiled there!

    6. Oscar Meyer says:

      Sultan Center clears out the warehouse during the summer months because they believe that their key customers all travel at this time, so they pull out stuff like this, Don't Eat this! It is probably just ground up ****** (a body part shaped like a hotdog). Do you really want to eat that? Watch the expiration dates, they try to push items that are close to the expiration date during this timeframe. Like someone else stated, Sultan Center has been going down hill, but right now they are the only ones that bring in the 'good imported' hotdogs and it is better that you buy them rather than these other canned ones from who knows where.

    7. 965malls says:

      More to cone on this tomorrow ss88 :)

    8. 965malls says:

      Ah, here I’ll have to disagree with you romana – I still prefer sultan center of city center… It is an awedul place!!!

    9. Franco says:

      @ romana / you mean shity center…

    10. 965malls says:

      Shity center? Lol

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