I’d say he’s damn lucky!

i'm sure you read the dentist's story who pulled out all her boyfriend's teeth after he dumped her - i was wondering:

1- the boyfriend has a lot of guts!! i mean did he seriously think he will get away with it? did it not cross his mind that she might not be emotionally ready to see him and give professional advice? did he not think that she might shiver and hurt him during the operation? did he not think that she might at least not make an effort to put him at ease? he's got guts!

2- isn't she cruel and heartless? how could she do this to him? how could she remove all his teeth, his good teeth? some grudge!!! i can imagine her cursing him with every tooth she pulled out!

3- how could she abuse the trust of her patient? didn't she think of the consequences?

thank god she was not a genital reconfiguration surgeon!! she would have definitely cut his balls off and left him wondering... for that, i'd say the guy is damn lucky!

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    1. Shameless says:

      1- he's a moron 2-she's human and she was hurt 3- she wasn't professional – and that is my only bad point about this.. but again…she's human and we don't know what kind of things he did to put her in this situation

    2. midanina says:

      Haaaaahaaaa you can say that she even got more guts than him!! LOOOOL cool revenge!! I'll send my ex to fix his teeth there

    3. 965malls says:

      well that's an assumption… she is going to jail for this… no matter what he did he did not brake the law!!

    4. 965malls says:

      poor guy :) feed him well before you send him there..

    5. Rose says:

      Genital reconfiguration surgeon? I’d love to do that… What a nice collection I can make… By category like color, size, texture, age… The sky is the limit!!

    6. Punish says:

      I was sure!!!!
      Rose rose rose…

    7. TKG says:

      Lool Thank God nothing happened between us or else I could have been your first victim :p

    8. Rose says:

      i'd say your damn lucky!

    9. Pinkish says:

      i just realized i miss-spelled my name :) punish is me…

    10. Dentist is very tough job in reality but it's looks easy. We all know that all over the world how rapidly dentist demand is increasing. People are more coming towards this profession.

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