Indu will be ecstatic!

well, if you don’t know my husband, then you know nothing about men! though he is adorable, when it comes to fixing stuff at home he can be the worst man in the world.. take for example changing bulbs, he never bothers to change them at all, this is like his worst nightmare! if a bulb is busted, he either leaves it till my dad comes to visit (he does that twice a year), or he leaves it for indu, the cleaning lady, to change it for him!

one of his most famous lines sounds like: why the rush? your dad will be here in a couple of months! this is not a joke, this is my husband’s attitude towards changing bulbs.

imagine that during the summer indu complained about him, saying that he spent the entire summer almost in the dark, leaving all the busted bulbs for her to change, and when she ignored them, he didn’t change them or even mind the darkness!

now here’s some awesome news, i think all this is about to change - i found this amazing light bulb tool at sultan center that basically helps people like my husband, deal with their issues - imagine that you can now safely and easily change any kind of bulb, simply by using an 11 feet telescoping pole to give you an extended reach! isn’t this awesome? price? 7.5 kd only!

thank you sultan center for changing my miserable experience with light bulbs, i owe you one.

    10 Responses to “Indu will be ecstatic!”

    1. husband says:

      i'm sure she will – she'll find it much easier with that pole..

    2. Guest says:

      Hahahah Lol… with or without da POLE… Indu / father in law will do it at da end of the day :P Why da rush !!

    3. husband says:

      exactly my point :)

    4. Wife says:

      Oh man! And i was having high hopes! *sigh* Well at least dad or indu have an easier task to change those non-stop exploding bulbs :(

    5. TKG says:

      I don't know why but I don't mind changing the bulbs at home. It sometimes is a risky business due to my size (I'm chubby) but at the end of the day risk brings reward and in this case light.

    6. Ahmed says:

      If you have lamps,you wouldn't have problems to change bulbs.

    7. 965malls says:

      i guess candles are the safest choice :)

    8. husband says:

      hopes? after all those years!! kudos to the spirit :)

    9. Shameless says:

      I like your optimism :) And this device looks great because I have the same problem with bulbs needing to be changed every week. Thanks for sharing

    10. Rose says:

      I like this..

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