Interesting insights..

i came across this video posted on poach and though we don't like to post youtube videos, this one seems very interesting, especially for expats.

this kuwaiti young man went in disguise as an asian expat to test kuwaitis' reactions towards asian expats - in the first part of this video, he asks kuwaitis if he can use their mobile phone, and most of them declined - however, in the second part of the video, he asks them to help him use the atm machine or install a sim card in his mobile phone - it's amazing how this simple twist of request changed their reactions as most of them did actually offer help!

so lending something and offering help are two different concepts that lead to opposite feedback! never knew that!

interesting insights & very clever video.

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    1. Danah says:


    2. Abdullah says:

      Thanks for sharing ;D

    3. 965malls says:

      our pleasure – thank you abdullah

    4. Kuwait is one of the most powerful economy due to heavy resources of oil which is the main wealth of all the Khaleej Countries. We should make trade better with these countries.

    5. Yeah good article, Yes people do help others.

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