Is this worth an exhibition?

how can you tell if an exhibition is a success or not? well if you manage to make it under 10 minutes then it is certainly a fail! i don't want to discourage the people behind the "scenography" exhibition at 360, i am sure there was serious and hard effort put behind it, but frankly from a professional point of view, i was not impressed.. not for a bit, and most importantly, i was lost!

the paintings were pathetic at large, may be the above picture is one of the better ones in my opinion, very few are actually worth mentioning, but was it a painting exhibition? not sure - seriously, i was not sure what i was looking at, i mean this whole exhibition, there was no one to explain, i had to read through the brochure to figure out part of the story - it seems this was the first exhibition of the stage design department of the higher institute of dramatic arts.

then there was some stage designs, not sure what the theme was or for which play, just mock-ups to look at - a section for green art, some furniture made of steel, painted in green and again no one to explain and not sure where do they fit in the story..

forgive me, but i am not sure what was that! i appreciate the efforts but that is so not worth exhibiting for the general public, certainly not without a story and someone to explain.

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    1. sarah says:

      It would have helped if there was someone to guide the public through this expedition, but this is Kuwait where poor management skills abound. It is art and to be interpreted by the viewer, and for this country, which is rapidly going downhill from a dyfunctional government it is exhibition of creativity.

    2. Lost says:

      I was lost too…. Was wondering what is this all about thanks for shedding some light, a dim one though :)

    3. Le me says:

      Don't need to have guides in an exhibition, it should be clear by itself! So if the theme is green art or blue art or any color art it should be explained in small notes too…recycling is important but what is recycled here? Actually…what is it all about?

    4. 965malls says:

      if only I can explain, I would have written the story differently :)

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