It seems that walking into a disaster is now only a question of time…

this is how we actually ended our march 28 post entitled "the cherry on top" where we saluted a group of air controllers planning to raise a complaint to the head of civil aviation for cause of safety neglect - remember the blind radar that was brought to the airport? it seems that a couple of days ago, that radar lost a kuwait airways plane going to india (flight 331) after it returned for an emergency landing, the 220 passengers aboard the plane were at great risk of loosing their lives but suddenly the radar worked again and the day was saved at the last possible moment!

5 firefighting divisions awaited at the airport, thank god a disaster was avoided - the plane could have been a jazeera airways, a british airways or any other airways for that matter! you could have been on that plane, we could have been aboard... what are the authorities waiting for? seriously???

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    1. Lina says:

      OMG!!! Is this for real!!??? What are they waiting for? Some disaster?

    2. MM99 says:

      THANK YOU FOR BRINGING UP THIS IMPORTANT TOPIC THAT THE PARLIAMENT IS IGNORING. There needs to be an IMMEDIATE session called to talk about this airport – a full investigation needs to be done. EVERYONE's life is now in danger and IF this Parliament continues to ignore this airport the blood will be on their hands. Don't they realize that THEY and THEIR families ALSO fly out of this airport. We are also embarking on the high-season. God help us all! Yes a disaster is around the corner and it appears it will take a disaster for them to stop the grilling and address this unsafe airport.

    3. mel says:

      Quite frankly, if I were a foreign carrier I would pull my planes from this market until they fixed these navigation systems.

    4. 965malls says:

      fully agree with mel – may be it's the best solution, how can airlines put their names at risk here? it will cost them much more to recover from such a disaster if it happens…

    5. Zaid says:

      Unfortunately they are busy spitting at each others….

      plus, a radar doesn't win you votes my dear..

    6. MM99 says:

      I hope THEY are on THAT plane!

    7. Zaid says:

      he he, awesome solution :)

    8. Shameless says:

      If other carriers know about this they should penalize the airport by not flying to or from here!!! Something should be done…this is a crime. Where are the responsible people??????????? It's a call for help here but there's NO one to hear it.

    9. F23 says:

      The fire brigade was not there for that reason. There was a separate airplane that required refueling, but due to some other complicated things, it was done after passengers were already boarded. Anytime refueling is done with passengers on board, fire brigade is required by law to be present. This doesn't by any means justify the issues that are happening with our airport and KAC, but it is important that correct information is given with these types of situations. Unfortunately our Parliament doesn't have their priorities in order and are more interested in their egos than improving our society.

    10. 965malls says:

      thanks for the info f23 – alqabas reported the presence of 5 fire brigades, but again they might be wrong.. god help us go through the summer without any incident..

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