KD 6.5 for this??!!

i was at salhia complex last thursday so i decided to stop by cafe royal for breafkast, though i had decided long time ago to boycott that place because of bad service - nevertheless, i wanted to check if things have improved, so i ordered the american breakfast without bacon - i was so shocked by the size of that portion, it felt as if i was having a kid's meal! i dropped the orange juice on my pants, so i basically had half the glass, but of course no one rushed to help me clean up, the waiters where simply watching!!

the worst thing was the price, kd 6.5 for this breakfast!! i swear mcdonald's breakfast is like 10 times better and may be 6 times less the price!!

anyways, i can confirm that the service is still as bad as it were a few months back and certainly not worth the bill!

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    1. Caesar says:

      LOL! 5 Kd at Lenotre and you get a feast!

      This is ridiculous! and I love how they’ve added a tomato (going subsidy rate of 0.09 fils per piece) to fill space on the plate!

      Thanks for sharing

    2. 965malls says:

      absolutely!! and that tomato is just to add insult to injury!!

    3. Busyman says:

      ridiculous breakfast even rich person would not eat there. i can prepare a breakfast more than that! the sausage looks u can see in the sale portion in carrefour and sultan which is buy one take one. the potato or nuggets look like is only 500fils sometimes have sale in carrefour buy 2 get 1. the juice whether its fresh or not u can but 1.5 kd orange juice to squeeze for 1 box and naturals florida 1.5 liter or al marai 800 fils for 1 liter. lolz.

    4. 965malls says:

      nothing can justify the price!! I followed followed your logic and did the math, the coat of this meal should not exceed kd 1.5 at best – add 100% overheads (should be less, but let’s take the max) that’s kd 3, the rest is pure profit or theft in this case!!

    5. mishmash says:

      that’s what we call a rip off!! kd 1.5 cost is a lot, I think it is much less – no one eats the full bread basket so they recycle, the tomato + sausage + potato + eggs + orange juice is probably equal to 1 kd or less…

    6. Shameless says:

      Totally Agree that a big breakfast at McDonald’s is a lot better and cheaper plus it makes you full. Even at Paul you get a better bf for this price! LeNotre open buffet for 6KD you can eat all you want and can.. So I guess these people have issues with respecting their clients.. Or maybe they don’t have enough clients so they rip off those who dare to eat there ;)

    7. lolla says:

      U can get z same meal, z omlet eggs, sausages, z hash brown’s & z orange juice for about 1.5 Kd @ IKEA

    8. mel says:

      I HOP is supposed to open in Kuwait – now you're talkin breakfast! Maybe it will be in the phase 3 Avenues? Because it is AlShaya who is bring it?

    9. ahmed says:

      You should have just gone to IKEA, man.

    10. Fayez says:

      Love Ikea! Best breakfast :)

    11. 965malls says:

      everything is better than what i had – ikea would have been perfect, the problem is i was already at salhia! never again..

    12. Jaundice says:

      Seems like the sausages have jaundice!!! WTH!!

    13. 965malls says:

      looking forward for ihop – according to 2:48 am, it is alshaya's – you can check the following post: http://248am.com/mark/kuwait/ihop-coming-to-kuwai

    14. Dave says:

      Absolute rip off!! at least your Dean & Deluca's breakfast was "exciting" :) – Who can forget that post!! http://www.965malls.com/hilarious-english-breakfa

    15. Caesar says:

      wish they'd open a steak n shake here. Best american breakfast and dining. Period.

    16. Whenever at Salhiya Complex I go to brunch at the Marriott connected to the mall. It’s amazing! If I’m not hungry the coffee at Starbucks. :)

    17. 965malls says:

      never tried it..

    18. 965malls says:

      or johnny rockets for that matter… at the other end :)

    19. Gastronomy says:

      what everybody is missing is the price of PRESTIGE and fine dining EXPERIENCE

      much more valuable than the actual cost of food per se.

    20. 965malls says:

      we're not missing that – the question is how much you should pay for that prestige? le notre is even more prestigious and you get a whole buffet for less than that price – if the cost of this breakfast is 1.5 kd, it will be ok to double the price for that premium experience – but by no means you multiply your cost by 3 or 4!! that is a rip off!!

    21. 965malls says:

      oh and speaking of experience, they just watched me cleaning up the juice!! their waters have no attention to details, they are not customer focused and don't care about the experience – so what are we talking about here?

    22. Anon says:

      Moral of the Story:

      I have never seen a country glorify a piece of garbage more than the State of Kuwait.

    23. Pinkish says:

      Nice moral.. Well said!

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