Kissing Dubai goodbye

i never liked dubai, but that's not why i'm writing about this story - i'm sure you've heard about this girl who was jailed for 23 days then deported to the uk and denied access to dubai forever, for supposedly kissing a guy in public!

people always praise dubai, they like its lifestyle, its high towers and shiny hotels... but all that glitters is not gold and there's a dark side to dubai's glamor..

dubai's glamor lacks law and justice, how can someone prove his innocence there.. the brit claims the kiss never happened, but the woman who saw her with a group of male friends and reported her claims otherwise - my question is, how can you prove that the kiss ever happened? what if the lady was very bad-looking or simply jealous and wanted to get even with destiny..

it is scary to see your life being completely ruined for something so silly..

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    1. mishmash says:

      I guess Dubai & Kuwait are two extremes.. in Dubai you get deported for a kiss, and in Kuwait women can be brutally raped and thrown in the desert and nothing happens… i'd say justice is scarce in our region

    2. johnny says:

      :) that's what you called "hypocrisy"..

    3. mishmash says:


    4. Woman says:

      I see women in Kuwait renting apartments for a couple of hours with men.. and never get any punishment… But I’m sure if they were expats that’ll be another story…

    5. Pat says:

      the issue is getting caught or not here, punishment is a different story as you cannot deport locals, right? so for expats they are either deported or sent to jail, for locals they are either sent to jail or forgiven because they have wasta..

    6. Roma says:

      Both Dubai and Kuwait have the DARK SIDE…….You lost if you dont have in arab they called WASTA. Even you know you are right.
      Small mistakes is big deal to them.

    7. A Maktoumist says:

      All – Dubai has sharia law, this is the law that the muslim brotherhood that has key MP's in Parliament want in Kuwait. What people do not understand is that the Emiratis are a conservative people and although their future is etched in sand by the development path that their formative government has set forth for this nation, Emiritis feel overwhelmed by the expat presence in their nation. There has been much dialogue on this topic in the Emirates, especially with regards to how expat women dress in the malls. The laws are very clear in the UAE, there has been many awareness campaigns by foreign embassies etc to educate people on social behaviour and there are fine lines, however, Dubai is modern society that sometimes is confusing to visitors and it is responsibility of all guests to understand the fine print. Kuwait could learn alot from Dubai with regards to restructuring their society which is years behind the rest of the GCC.

    8. Zaid says:

      it is confusing indeed, from one hand you have a sharia law & a conservative society, and from the other, champagne nightclubs & prostitution… a very confusing mix! at least in Kuwait this confusion is not there, but the problem is somewhere else.. we need to get rid of this paralysis and focus on developing the country..

    9. sarah says:

      @Zaid – prostitution, alcohol etc is just underground in Kuwait and I think that is worse. It is better to have things open and controlled. I think the clubs in Dubai is an important social outlet, yet the laws facing people who cross the lines such as drunk driving is very clear so all those expats that are sitting in jail for drunk driving knew the law before they hit the road. This girl may have been misinformed and percieved that Dubai was more open, but it is not that his why Embassies, especially the British Embassy is working hard to educate their nationals who visit and live in Dubai. The Saudis are a huge challenge for the Emiriti authorities they come out of the kingdom bound for the first bottle of whiskey and the first hooker they can find. I think Kuwait would do itself a favor if they legalized/controlled alcohol conservatively in this country instead of lettting the underground control it – I hate all the hypocrisy in Kuwait.

    10. marius says:

      how stupid can you be to report another person for a kiss…even in public…

    11. Zaid says:

      i realize both systems are hypocritical, but at least it is more controlled in Kuwait. If we are to open up, and i am pro, then let it be all the way with proper laws that doesn't contradict the allowed.. wishful thinking…

    12. TKG says:

      Renting for a few hours!!! Try there are women in Kuwait who own apartments just to get guys and their money. I recently heard rumors that there is a girl who lives with her boyfriend and her parents don't know :O

      There is a lot in the community that the so-called parents don'e know about their children. I keep on saying twitter but I will need to make a post about it to just show how bad it is without getting anyone into trouble :p How to do that I have no idea?

    13. TKG says:

      I wish you had an idea of how bad it is in Kuwait. If parents knew what their daughters and sons were upto, Kuwait would become a slaughter-house due to dishonouring the family amongst other things.

    14. TKG says:

      I have a question …. what is wrong with kissing a woman in public? Let's say if I had a wife and I was kissing her goodbye would it be wrong?

      Usually from what I understand, woman (not all but many) get jealous of what they see and don't have and look for ways to destroy what they can't have. I have seen and heard of this in Kuwait but am not sure. It is time to get back to my research on these topics :p

      As for Emirates, It is just a mirage for expats. Once again twitter can easily show you how easy it is to get into trouble there. Don't get me started about Bahrain :/

    15. sarah says:

      @TKG Get on it and report back to us :) Regarding the hourly rate hotels that are operating in Kuwait purportedly, these types of hotels are primarily for prostitution, so the authorities must have a blind eye. Oh I forgot, there is no prostitution in Kuwait #@#$ And all those women I see with the Arab men on my flights to Dubai – hold off boys – they might be a whole lot more attractive in Dubai, just sayin.

    16. sarah says:

      Zaid, it's not controlled in Kuwait.

    17. 965malls says:

      he he.. a man with regional expertise :) lol

    18. Zaid says:

      well, i did not mean it that way, it is within a limit as alcohol is not allowed (hypothetically)

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